May 2, 2010

Spinach Pancakes

No, these aren't really pancakes, but yes, they are delicious Spinach Patties that can be used instead of meat in burgers (kinda? Don't know if that's really what they're for! But hey...)!!

I found these guys and had the grand oportunity of tasting 2 of 'em at Vegfest Seattle 2010 a few weeks back. And guess what? Costco does sell them! I fell in love with the broccoli pancakes, too, but (our) Costco has yet to sell 'em.

Check out this ingredient list!

How can they get any better?

Definitely recommend anyone who loves good eats to check out Dr. Praegers' website, all the products have super simple ingredient lists, and they are some gluten-free + kids products, too. I could truly eat these every day with a Green Monster and be content. If only...

Anyhow... the beginning of lovely Sunday started off early. I woke up at 7am and decided to stay up, fill my almost-cured pink eyes with meds, and make oatmeal for the week, as well as prepare some lunches for the next couple o' days.


raw oats, muesli, cinnamon, flaxseed meal, raisins, almonds, banana, soy milkz!
A Greener approach to pre-packing lunches!

A "Go-green!" themed post on The Fitnessista's blog got me to feeling guilty (a good thing!) about using 15+ ziplocs a week for me + my hubby's at work eats, so I'm going all tupperware-out from now on! It feels good, and it'll push me to fight lame, unnecessary laziness throughout the week (hey, don't gotta do nothin' 'cause all them lunches are packed! *watches TV for 3 hours*), and get me to packing lunches half way through the week, and sandwiches daily. Don't know if that makes sense, but... well... I'm Greener?!

Mid-day snackage:

last slice o' homemade whole-wheat honey-like bread with almond butter, cinnamon + raisins, 1 apple + a cutie


Spinach pancakes! With extra raw spinach, mustard, 1 tomato, and homemade guacamole! So delicious! I actually liked the patty without the bun, 'cause the Spinach flavors were so strong and delightful, I think Mr. Bun took over all the flavor on the other guy.

Oh & I made some mashed cauliflower! This time I boiled it with paprika + salt and they came out so creamy and delightful, even my hubby who hates and will always hate cauliflower LOVED it! Miracle? I think so.

Stealing parent's food:

shelled, roasted + nicely salted pistachios. Love those guys more than life?

Random Sunday Workout?
I hopped on an ab chair while at my folks house, and shoot! A million reps later, I was burning and had broken a good ol' sweat. So I count it as a mini-workout, even on my usual rest day. Pretty sure I only burned 1 calorie, though.


Plain yogurt + frozen berries heaven. Toppled with muesli + Kashi GoLean! Seriously though, this needs a frozen banana to become ice cream. It was still amazing, just more like a smoothie in a bowl than a bowl o' ice cream.

Monday, help me to love you more. For reals.

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  1. Love the heart of mustard! :)

    I haven't tried any Praeger products but I've heard good things all around - I'm going to have to check em out!