May 29, 2010

Whole Foods + Araya's Vegetarian Place

Wonderful Saturday:

Green Lake Run with the hubby. Light rain attack, but awesome worship music on the iPod made the 58 min run 100% worth while.

my stats: 10:25K - 58:40


Starbucks oatmeal with mixed nuts + dried fruit + banana + cinnamon + Shape magazine


Whole Foods: first time ever! I wanted to buy everything I saw. If I were a millionaire, I might spend all my hard-earned cash at this fancy (huge!) store. First time buys: zucchini, tofu, tempeh, greek yogurt, fancy unsweetened ketchup,

peaches (can you believe I have never had a fresh peach in my teen/adult life? insane), 2 drumsticks + 1 chicken breast from vegetarian fed chickens! + loads of happiness.


Eggs with bell pepper, spinach, avocado, tomato, serrano chili + Mack's Flax bread :)


rest, relax, chill out


How much do I really eat? I love making mini-lists like this. Keeps me sane.


Await Birthday Dinner #2: Araya's Vegetarian Place. 2nd place for best vegetarian restaurant in Seattle. (1st place eats was visited Tuesday!) Tomorrow? The restaurant that earned 3rd place? or re-visit Cafe Flora, it was too good to just visit once!

Tom Yum: " Our famous hot and sour tofu soup flavored with lemon grass, lime leaves, mushrooms, onions and chili paste."

bomb diggity.

Cashew Delight: "Savory stir-fry combining tofu, mushrooms, cashew nuts, onions, red and green peppers, carrots, zucchini and baby corn with Araya'’s special sauce." + brown rice [Amaaazing!]



Oh Saturday, I think I love you.


Gasworks Park! Best view of Seattle, I want to say.

Goofy. Aaaand sleep. What a great Saturday. Happy birthday to me, again?


  1. Great run, fabulous restaurant, and cute pics of you and the man! Love the flaming soup and I always order veggie stir fry when its offered out. Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend

  2. Aww you guys are SO cute!!! I love the photoshoot.

    And yay for trying new things!! I loooove tempeh. I've actually taken to eating it raw lately on sandwiches + in wraps or crumbled on salads. Enjoy!!