June 8, 2010

Escarole + Tofu Sandwich?

My head is attacking my entire body, so I will make this yet another quick post.


overnight oats (1/4 cup oats, 1/4 cup muesli, 1 cup rice milk, cinnamon, raisins, almonds, flaxseed meal!) + 1 banana

Packed Lunch Tower:

My attempt to keep my avocado as fresh as can be for today's lunch: Bring the entire guy with me!



tofu sammich with large load of escarole and bell pepper, avocado, half a tomato, celery, cucumbah, carrots, serrano chili + love.

Tofu = new deli meat?

Answer: no. Please don't do this unless you know how to make tofu not so soft. I could hardly taste it in here, but when I did, I was turned off a bit. Tempeh is a nicer addition to sammiches!

Workout: 5 mi - 46:30 treadmill been so long since I've run on the treadmill, and I couldn't believe how much I have improved! I started on level 6 and worked my way up, and ran the last mile on level 7 which is huge for me. Last time I ran on Mr. Treadmill I could only do level 7 for .3 miles and pretty much died afterwards. Improvement: joyous.


Veggie Burger (Ultimate Veggie Burger off 101cookbooks.com) with some more escarole, brocc, organic brown rice homecooked in homemade broth, half a tomato... some mustardz.


overnight oats! Seriously, this baby is so sweet I thought it'd be great as dessert instead of a 5:30am bomb. And it was. So much goodness topped with extra raisins.

Migraine: sad face.

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  1. I hope your headache goes away soon!! I've never tried adding tofu to a sandwich - glad to know it doesn't work so I don't try it! :)