June 1, 2010

First Time: Tempeh + Migraine Cure

This morning was rough, I'm not gonna lie.
I miss you, 3 day weekend of fun and love...

I feel the need to mention the MIRACLE CURE for migraines (at least it cures mine, anyway). Quick side note: I have suffered from migraine headaches since I was a kid, and am on daily meds to prevent them. The meds keep my migraines chill, and where I used to get a couple a week, I now only get 'em about once a month (such a blessing!) but recently... I have tried to exercise with migraines, and they completely disappear!

Exercise has killed my migraines many times in the past year: Saturday morning migraine months ago - ran/jogged 5K at Green Lake: migraine gone after the 35 minute sweat. Stressed out from work, came home, did an at-home workout with a DVD, migraine faded away. Last Saturday I woke up with a "I'm bout to turn into a migraine" headache: and after 10 minutes on the elliptical, the pain vanished! Even today after being bummed out + sour about having to return to work, I felt dizzy, tired, and so not in the mood to run. But, like a miracle drug, 15 minutes into my run, the symptoms were gone.

I love exercise. I love fruits, veggies + whole grains, and so do our bodies, people! Who needs to pop a pill when you have all of this to eat every day? Shoot, son! It's the 100% natural way to low cholesterol, lower high blood pressure, prevent heart disease, makes your immune system crazy strong, and it adds years to your life. Exercise keeps your body young, your muscles strong, your bones double in strength, and, looks like it cures migraines, as well :)

Anyway, on to the day's eats:


rice milk oats, cinnamon, strawberries, nanner, almonds + flaxseed meal


organic fruits that made my insides happy.


almond butter, cinnamon, raisin on honey whole wheat with fruits + veggies

Workout: 10K - 57:34 + 10 mins abs/arms
  • 90 seconds plank
  • 15 modified push ups (on the knees)
  • 20 rotating plank reach w.o weights
  • 15 crunches
  • 15 bicycle crunches
  • 15 reverse crunches (legs make diamond shape)
  • 15 straight arm-to-knee crunch (not gonna lie, I made that name up)
  • 20 secs knees up "crunch"
  • 12 normal push ups
  • Child pose for like 2 hours 'cause my muscles burned like (thankful) mad dogs!!
It felt fantastic!
Then I ate + ate + ate:


1 green-ish banana + homemade ginger larabar (holy cow that ginger was strong! but good, trust mee!)

and some homemade granola bits :)


Tempeh! You tasted like chicken! "One Pot Chicken/Tempeh + Rice" + huge spinach salad with red wine vinegar, olive oil, parm, italian seasoning + little ripped up pieces of whole wheat bread (too lazy to make croutons? you bet!) so delicious tempeh + organic brown rice! Recipe here! Thank you, Runner's World! and I baked my tempeh right next to my hubby's chicken breast.

It was heavenly, but I'm pretty sure it was thanks to my homemade chicken broth :)


low-fat plain yogurt + frozen berries (defrosted, yo) with raw oats + raisins, 'cause that's how I do.

Oh Biggest Loser, I missed you tonight.
Time to find a new motivating show to watch!

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  1. exercising is amazing! I used to suffer from chronic back problems.. I have sciatica.. which is just plain fun!.. and working out every day I haven't noticed any back issues.. I too have had less headaches.. which is sweet !