June 18, 2010

Freckles + Garbanzo Burgers

I'm really happy it's Friday.
I really like sweet potatoes.

6am Workout: 5mi - 46:00 elliptical. Loved how it changed to46 mins exactly when it hit 5 miles. I had to work out really fast then run home to get ready for work, so no abs/weights today. PS: the back of my leg still hurts real bad. Lame!


Drawing with pen is so rad, love how the lines come out super clean + dark. I missed you, drawing land. I'm glad I have returned!


overnight oats (3.4 cup oats, 1 cup rice milk, cinnamon, raisins, almonds topped with 1 banana + frozen blueberries)


giant orange + carrots + baby grapes


this was SO GOOD and filling! Leftover everything and I loved every bit of it. Fried rice with tofu, bell pepper + brocc, homecooked pinto/black beans with more broccoli, and half a sweet potato, baked to absolute perfection. I LOVED this. Did I mention how good this was? Sandwiches everyday for lunch = the past. Future: more plate fulls of goodness.

Kiwi "dessert":

then I ate a juicy kiwi.


later I ate a 2nd orange. Work was stressful today.

Hold over:

Once I got home, I was starving but had to cook dinner (all the leftovers were gone, which I wasn't expecting - boo!) so I ate a banana, some almonds + raisins and a few bites of overnight oats (don't judge, yo!).


I cooked up some garbanzo beans, threw them in a food processor with 1 egg, some spinach, herbs + spices and whole wheat bread crumbs (that I am desperately trying to get rid of, shoot!) and tried my best to make a "puree" or "hummus texture" but apparently the garbanzos weren't 100% cooked 'cause some whole ones appeared.

cooked in some olive oil 'till browned + they tasted amazing! Served over a bed of diced tomato + avocado, with a side of unsweetened ketchup + some mustard. The ketchup made them taste like a hardcore bbq burger, and the whole garbanzos gave the patties a meat-like texture, I loved it! I made 3 so I got to save one for another day :)

Time to get back to art, I'm having a blast, man.
Happy Friday, Happy workouts, happy eats!

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