June 12, 2010

I Met O'Neil from the Biggest Loser!

Okay, quickie: I thought my Saturday morning was already extremely fantastic and couldn't possibly get any better (Vegan pancakes, hubby's homecoming) but as I looked for my lovely husband in the airport...

I saw O'Neil from the Biggest Loser!

I love that man! He is so down to earth, loves his daughter like crazy and is just a gosh darn sweet heart! I gave him a "aww it's you!" hug when I first saw him, then a second "goodbye! Take care!" hug after we chatted a bit. Can I adopt him as my 2nd dad? Another uncle? I mentioned Sunshine and he lit up like the great dad that he is, so sweet!

Felt like a dream :)


  1. That is awesome - I think it would be so fun to meet someone from TBL and hear personally about the experience!

  2. What??? That's so cool! I would love to meet him!!