June 14, 2010

I'm 100% in Love

With my husband.

Saturday homecoming:

Look who I found at the airport! Awww...

Saturday snack:

hubby + I split this fella on the way home

Saturday pizza:

Homemade whole wheat crust, organic pasta sauce, mozzarella, pineapple, green bell pepper, bok choy + spinach + escarole cut into strips, serrano chili + broccoli on mine, turkey on his. We balance it out :) I ate those 2 pieces + 1 more.

Sunday fuel:

we each had 1 slice ww bread with almond butter, cinnamon, raisins + extra almonds

Sunday run: 10.25K - 59:58

Sunday bfast:

half cup raw oats, fourth cup muesli, cinnamon, raisins, half an apple, almonds + rice milks

Sunday lunch:

a garbazo-like burger (recipe here!) crumbled over a bed of spinach, with cucumber, bell pepper, escarole, half a tomato, raisins, almonds, and unsweetened ketchup/mustard on the side (it was like a huge burger without a bun!) + a slice of whole wheat toast (bun?)

Sunday snack:

holdin' me over for enchiladas!!

Sunday dinnah:


Our chicka-licken:

oh, free range. Hooray!

How to:
  • cook 2 chicken breasts (pressure cooker, hola!)
  • boil a bunch of tomatoes + serrano chili + salt
  • blend those tomatoes + chilis + salt
  • brown a zillion corn tortillas in a little oil
  • shred (cooled) chicken + add to browned tortillas
  • roll up tortillas and place in baking dish
  • pour tomato puree over naked enchiladas
  • add cheese, if desired (hubby desired!)
  • bake at 375* for 5 mins
  • eat. then go to sleep happy.
Sunday snack #2:

8 billion unsalted peanuts peanuts peanuts.

Sunday snack #3:

raw + delicious + pretty much a larabar!

Sunday dessert:

Burnt granola fail.
Low-fat plain yogurt (my 6 day lactose detox is over! no big results, so I'm going back to yogurt, thankyouverymuch.) with frozen strawberries + agave topped with raw oats, burnt granola, and raw almonds

The end of this weekend + today have kinda
killed in the technical difficulties category.
but really. I'm done with complaining!

I'm just happy + feel blessed to have LIFE.

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good!
His faithful loves endures forever!
Psalm 107:1

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  1. Oh! I have seen those yogi bars before. Did you like it? So glad you get your hubby back!! :)