June 14, 2010

Monday madness

I mean... Monday is the greatest day known to man? I accidentally deleted all pictures of today's eats but I'm hoping they'll eventually re-appear in my computer. So here's the run down (in text)!
Update: I got a little loca and decided to draw a picture of all of my eats. It was so fun!! I have missed art land much so.. I tackled these drawings in about 20 minutes or so.


overnight oats in a beautiful jar! 1/2 cup raw oats, 1 cup rice milk, cinnamon, raisins, almonds, happiness.


orange + apple


almond butter + cinnamon + raisin sandwich on whole wheat bread with the goods on the side

Workout: 35min killer workout
The details (all from Shape.com):
  • Warm-up (10 mins)
  • Rapid Fire Punches (3x20)
  • Crunches (20)
  • Seated passes (35)
  • Rock n Raises (15)
  • Modified push ups (15)
  • Omega Squats (20)
  • Balancing Triceps Press (3 sets 15 reps each side)
  • Bicycle crunches (25)
  • Side crunches (20 each side)
  • Modified push ups (15)
  • Pretzel Lift (2 sets 15 reps)
Pretzel lift was the hardest move I've met in a long time.

5 lb ball: burnnn burrnnn!


nanner + almonds + raisins


leftover enchiladas fantasticas with lightly steamed broccoli


yes. I ate a date. Dates are delicious. Date date date.

haha. art blog. Imagine if I had to do this every day.
Art/Exercise/Food Blogger: Nicole Carrillo.

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  1. Love the art! It's a fun little switcheroo.

    You're very talented! I'd love to see more of your drawings/sketches/etc in the future - very fun.