June 9, 2010

Rain Storm in June

Welcome, June almost 10th!

Could it rain any harder? Seriously.

Ah, but...
I love food.
I love fruit.
I love new veggies.
I love simplicity.
I love health.


Cold raw deliciousness. [half cup oats, fourth cup muesli, cinnamon, raisins, frozen berries and riiiice milk!]


Apple n orange love.


Almond butter, cinnamon n raisin sandwich + veggie party

Hold me ovah:

Banana from the fridge - ice cream? Pretty much!


Black bean bowl of veggies. [home cooked black beans, garlic, onion, celery, carrots, 1 tomato, green bell pepper, bok choy, topped with fourth of an avocado] - so filling and full of flavor! I ate a slice of toasted whole wheat bread with it, and...

a date...! but I still got hungry a few hours later.


Smoothie in a bowl! [1 cup rice milk, 1 frozen banana, handful frozen strawberries, handful fresh organic escarole since I didn't buy spinach this week, topped with a dash of unsweetened cocoa powder and some organic pure vanilla!] Extremely yummy, topped with some muesli after being extra frozen :)

2nd Dessert:

I couldn't stop eating! Rice milk is so much lighter than soy milk, so the smoothies are less filling, making me feel a wittle empty - craving more sweets! So I attacked a black bean brownie at my parent's casa. Sooo goooood.

Kind of failed on pacing my food intake towards the end of the day, but when you cut yourself short on the dinner time carbs, it seems to bite me in the bum. I'm still super thankful for black bean brownies, though :)


  1. I've done frozen bananas, but never refrigerated! I need to try that!

  2. I've never had black bean brownies but REALLY want to try making them. They sound soooo good. And healthy brownies? yes, please!