June 20, 2010

Turkey/Oat Burgers + Blackbean Brownies

Today was fantabulous! So much so, that it is almost 10pm and, although I should be sleeping, I am just now sitting down to write me blog. Oh 10pm, tonight you are my excuse for an almost-wordless post:

raw oats, muesli, rice milk, cinnamon, almonds, raisins, banana topped with Kashi's delicious 7 Whole Grain Nuggets!

Meat-and-Grain Burgers
whole wheat bun, tomato, avocado mashed up + loving it.
Sweet Potato Fries
Spinach Apple Salad
Oh my gosh - LINK MANIA! I love the internet + all its glorious recipes, seriously.

Amazing Black Bean Brownies
(that my aunt has completely perfected so much so that my 100% Bean-Loving Mexican Hubby couldn't taste the beans this time! (He caught them in my version of this recipe)) + frozen vanilla yogurt (store bought, tasted like corn syrup because it contained that icky stuff - kinda hurt my insides, but I'm over it!)

Happy Father's Day
best dad (and mom!) ever!

I made sammiches:


flax seed love.

I ate these:

We made this:

lowfatplainyogurt (should be one word)
frozen strawberries, raw oats, almonds, raisins
frozen blueberries.

We just watched The Book of Eli. Good film.
Should have been titled "Eli was the last person on earth with a copy of the bible and now everyone wants to kill him + steal it" Oh man.

Goodnight moon!

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