June 19, 2010

Vegan Pizza

Saturday evening, please help me not think about the fact that the weekend is almost over... Sad.

Today I woke up around 730am and waited for hubby to come out of his cave so we could head to Greenlake and get our run on. By "our" run on, I really mean just his run on, while I walk like a broken face. My leg is still killing me, so I ate some nanner loving snack:

1 banana, cinnamon, almonds + raisins

Then I did 3 Bikini Body Workouts from Shape Magazine.
I shot for 15-20 reps of each move, excluding any moves that bothered the back of my leg/knee, in order for it properly rest + recover. Recover, lame leg! Now!

I'm glad hubby takes a long time to wake up + get ready, check out the length of that workout! 40 minutes of pure sweat. Feels good, my friends.

Who knew Saturday morning workouts in the living room would start the day off in such a good (great, fabulous, energetic) way? :)

Then I ate this!

1/2 an organic apple with raw almond buttah.


On my walk, I saw: Canadian Geese

Amazing trees.

My fast hubby training for the Rock and Roll Seattle Half Marathon next Saturday (!!!)

Total Workout stats: 3 mile walk - 53mins + 40 min workout @ home
Not too shabby, right?

Then I ate oats:

Starbucks oats with h20, mixed nuts, dried fruit, cinnamon + 1 banana

2 hours later:

Breakfast! I decided to bring some greens into our Saturday mornings, and as I placed a handful of Costco's organic Spring Mix greens on my plate, Eduardo actually asked for some! Awww, the man and his mini-salads, so sweet. Also on the plate: half an organic tomato with 2 eggs (chili pepper, green bell pepper) + 1/4 an avocadoooo.

We snacked:

5 million unsalted peanuts, please.




Vegan pizza (hello no cheese or meat! ...or... eggs?) Organic whole wheat crust! I got me some organic whole wheat flour, so nice (and so flipping expensive!) with pasta sauce, green bell pepper, serrano chili, pineapple, mixed greens cut into strips, red pepper flakes (spicy spicy more spicy), and homemade garbanzo burger crumbled on top. Tasted like meat, son. Loved it.

I wanted dessert, but 'tis a bit late.
And... sleep.

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  1. Sounds like you had a pretty nice little Saturday over there :) Glad you got in a nice walk and the pizza looks fantastic. Love your toppings. PINEAPPLE! Good luck to the speedy man on his next race.