July 21, 2010

8 Minute Abs

Oh, Wednesday. How happy you once made me feel inside, how... less happy feelings you give me now, I wish t'were like the olden days. Nah, I'm okay with this new way of doin' things on Wednesdays, I just need to get used to it.

PS: July 20th in the NW

[6:00 am]
Sad, really. Even though the heat eventually came, I still was dressed for winter.

Past: Wednesdays were rest days. No exercise, a day for muscle recovery, a day to let the legs chill out a bit, I would really be free from 3pm - nighttime. Joy.

Present: Wednesdays are rest days. No cardio, day for muscle recovery, a day to let the legs chill out a bit ... except I've decided to add 10 mins of abs to the mix (yay!) - a day to... work 5-10pm as a night attendant at my apartment complex. It's simple, it's relaxing, it's worth it, but really nothing can beat being 100% free from 3pm onto the evening. Nothing.

Ah, well. I will give thanks anyway. Besides, I asked for this job. And look Who let it all happen! I'm thankful. :)

Strawberry Banana Oats:

overnight goods: oats, rice milk, chia seeds, raisins, almonds, cinnamon, vanilla - topped with wheat germ + a delightful banana

Pear Kiwi:

Love eating both of those guys when they're just hitting their ripe stage + have lived in the fridge for a while. Mmmm... cold fruit...

Tempeh Sammie Lunch:

Honey Whole Wheat bread, mustard, tempeh, avocado.lime.salsa.onion, spinach, green bell peppah. Yellow celery?

BF: nectarines!

Ab Workout: 8 mins of glorious pain!
(these moves are amazing)
  • 20 crunches
  • Plank with glute squeeze [hold 15 sec, rest 5] [10 times]
  • Oblique v-up [20 reps each side]
  • Rotating superwoman [15 secs each side] [7 times]
  • Rock n' raise [20 reps]

Sweet Potato Dessert:

Homecooked pinto beans, spinach, peas, sweet potato with almond butter + cinnamon (IE: dessert potato) Absolutely fabulous. I can't believe I hadn't done this before! I love you, blog land!

Pink Smoothie:

Oh goooshh. Low-fat plain yogurt, frozen banana, strawberries, ice cubes, agave. Throw in freezer, will be consumed pronto. I'm 'bout to top that baby with homemade granola, kashi golean crunch (hubby's favorite!!), muesli, and chia seeds.

Love me some chias.
Love me some THURSDAYS!
It's almost Friday! How can that be?!

Love love love.


  1. lol you are very hyper today. Maybe because you've been eating too much good food. that pink smoothie is gorgeous!

  2. I'm wondering what happened to the week already, too - yikes!!
    All of your meals look delicious, I'm loving all the fruit! And that smoothie looks like a perfect end to a Wednesday :)

  3. Oh gawsh... A baked sweet potato topped with almond butter and cinnamon is like my favorite thing ever. Well, at least one of them. It's great with coconut butter too if you ever come across that... orrrr vegan butter and maple syrup. Yes, there's definitely tonnes of reasons to be thankful for blog land :)

    I love your pink smoothie! Can I have some? It would look great with my freshly painted pink toes :D And I've been strangely obsessed with Kashi GLC lately... it's been topping all my smoothies and yogurt messes. Nom.

    Hope your Thursday is super :)

    i love how honest you are!! i LOVE hoest people!! oh my goodness your pink smoothie is SO pretty! im sure it tastes wonderful too :) love those HARDCORE AB MOVES!! get it girl! love you!