July 31, 2010

Birthday Eve

Quick post, because it's 10:00pm and I feel like baking, again. Addiction? Maybe, maybe not.. but it's such a beautiful addiction!

8:30am fuel:

PS: Hubby woke up still a little uncomfortable in his heel, so we skipped the half marathon (he was really bummed out about it) and headed to the gym. He then proceeded to attack the elliptical at level 18 maintaining his speed above 80 for exactly 60 minutes, leaving a pool (no exaggeration here, friends) of sweat below the machine, and his shorts were dripping as he left the gym. In. sane.

My 9:15am workout: 30 min Women's Health Workout + abs
  1. Shuffle with Reach - 6x
  2. Squat to High Pull [10lb, then 5lb] - 15x
  3. Single-Arm Chest Press with Rotation [5lb] - 12x each side
  4. Side Lunge to Shoulder Press [5lb] - 12x each side
  5. Reverse Lunge with Row [5lbs] - 10x each side
  6. Step with Rear Leg Lift - 15x each leg
  7. Plank Sweep - 10x each leg
  8. Kayaker - 15x

9:50am bike: 30 mins with custom hills - 17.5K

10:30 waffles:

recipe from this lovely lady.

Oats, whole wheat flour, wheat germ, chia seeds, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, hemp milk, plain yogurt = waffle perfection.

1:00pm snack:

2:00pm Farmer's Market:

less variety at this closer-to-home market, but we still only spent $35 and brought home loads of good eats (including his $9 steak!)

seedy goodness made right hurr in WA :)
Ingredients: brown rice syrup, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, yummy goodness. Nice texture, but taste was lost in the seed field. Maybe I was too distracted by all the gorgeous veggies on sale, 'cause my hubby said it was heaven in a mini-package.

3:00 friends:

Newbies: swiss chard, broccoli rabe, and insanely looking "squished" peach-type fruits. Who knows. Tell me they come from the ground, and I'll eat 'em.

4:00 Beet Leaves:

Me: "Are the carrot's greens edible?"
Hubby: "no, just throw them out."
Me: "How about the beet's greens?"
Hubby: "no, are you joking?"
Me: google
Me: eating beet leaves
(threw out the carrot's greens, 'cause they're mainly good for stocks, and I'm not planning on making any soups in the future...)

Seitan, leftover rice:



dipping sauce was a mix of red vine vinegar, rice vinegar, agave, salt, pepper, garlic + onion flakes, and the seeds from the serrano chili that was inside the wraps.

Beet Leaves Taste:
They are definitely edible! No strong, bitter flavor, like most leaves. Like many people said on the "can you eat beet greens?" posts on the internetz, the leaves are a lot like swiss chard. Slightly sweet, soft, yummy. The only part that bothered me during the meal was the bits of greens with a slightly thick stem still attached. I had to bite about 60 times before I could tear off some pieces. Slightly uncomfortable, but a delicious, light meal. And I will make it again. :) Success! And no more greens in the garbage!

6:15pm Dinner:

I "roasted" some veggies (black as night) and made some pinto bean patties with equal parts beans, cooked brown rice, and some green leaves, as well as green onion + some seasoning. They were BEAUTIFUL and browned to perfect, but turned into pancakes after living on the pan for many minutes:

pancakes! tomato, homemade guac, green onion, mustard.

8:00pm Birthday Cookies:

After I brought my hubby a carrot oatmeal cookie I had made at my folk's house, and he fell in wuv with them, I decided to whip out a batch for just the two of us. Ingredients are amazing: whole wheat flour, oats, shredded carrot, agave, nutmeg, cinnamon, olive oil (use coconut oil if you have it!), and the baking powder + salt necessities.

Pink + Orange:

I need to chill out with the contrast on some of these photos.
But for real. That cookie (syke! 2 cookies) was amazing.

Please make them if you have a chance, they feel so good since they're full of carrots + love. Eat them. On a daily basis. Give them to your friends. Thank Heidi at 101cookbooks for being a super hero.

Eat carrots.


  1. My horses would NOT be impressed that you chucked the carrot greens ;) haha. You look like you have a GREAT farmer's market to get all that produce for so little! I spent about that much last time I went, and only wound up with broc, corn, lettuce, sugar snap peas, and an eggplant - though i also got a fun jam & maple pepper which probably weren't cheap. Not complaining, though - I'm glad I have the opportunity to have such wonderful produce and homemade goods :)
    The waffles look great - no fair, I want square waffles! lol. I added cinnamon AND nutmeg this morning - a pleasant addition!
    And those cookies might have me salivating :P

  2. Baking is definitely one of the most beautiful addictions, and one of the tastiest, for sure ;) I'm a big time baking addict... despite the crazy temperatures we're having, I'll be baking up a loaf of banana bread this afternoon because I just can't get enough. I've made those carrot cookies before, too, and they were pretty darn tasty (and I'm not even a fan of carrot cake type things!). Next up on my baking list is probably some type of lemon poppyseed muffin... I hear so many good things about them, but I've never had one. Sad face...

    I always get kind of jealous when I see people getting lots of loot for low prices at farmer's markets... I don't know what's up with ours, but I have to pay an arm and a leg for good stuff... it's almost better to buy things in the grocery store :(

  3. Happy Birthday Nicole - hope you had a fabulous day!