July 9, 2010

Chia Seeds are Magical

Strength Training Day 1
Garbanzo Tacos
Chia Seeds: Running Food

Look what the best company in the world sent me in the mail!

Chia Seeeedsss! I'm a little excited. You see, after reading in Runner's World Magazine that chia seeds are a better choice than lovely flax seed (it's crazy how amazing chia seed is!), I immediately typed it into my Blackberry (RIP, my beauty...) so we could buy it once our flax was out.

And on my blog post about Black Bean Burgers, a lovely lady from Nature's Chemistry told me she'd love to send me some samples of Running Food Chia Flour. I WAS SO EXCITED! This is kind of embarrassing, but I felt legit! Like, finally, I was one of those bloggers that companies send samples to so I can brag about how fantastic they are on my blog. I'm one step closer to fame! syke? :)

Ground chia seed is beautiful like sand with glitter in it.

*Chia seed details below*
Click here for Running Food website!

In other wonderful news...
Today I did 40 minutes of strength training after reading how fabulous weights truly are (April + Katie!), and how cardio does not have to be dragged out for an hour a day in order to lose weight + feel strong like a super hero. Bottom Line: I want muscles. Baby sized ones already sort of live on my arms + abs, but I want to be toned and I want to feel stronger. So weights, let's be friends.

It burned. In such a good way. I did 4 sets 12 reps each move in the "Week one" row. I usually shot for the amount of weight Shape Magazine told me to do, but I brought it down a tad on some moves. It's day 1, people! I need to take it slow, ease into this new regimen.

Today's EATS!




My insides:

  1. Garbanzos boiled for 2 mins then soaked for 1 hr
  2. Mash avocado
  3. Squirt in half a lime's juices
  4. Dice onion + tomato, add to guacamole
  5. Fresh cilantro leaves, wash + add
  6. Add garbanzos
  7. Chili pepper or red pepper flakes (out of chiles = us)

Oh my gosh. I passed out.
Sooo satisfying + the flavors exploded all ovah my mouth!

Want to make it again + again. It's a keeper, my friends!

Ice cream?!
  • 1 cup yogurt
  • 4 frozen strawberries
  • 2 ice cubes
  • Frozen blueberries
  • Agave



12 grams Running Food (Chia seeds!) is like:
*2.5 servings
salmon, meaning a lot of omega 3's in chias.
*31 grams flax seed, loads of fiber in chia seeds.
*1 cup blueberries - packed with Vitamin A are chias.
*12 oranges - Vitamin C overdose? = chias
*3 servings broccoli = Magnesium kick with chias.

Chia Seeds are gluten free, levels blood sugar, induces weight loss, keeps you FULL FOREVER, helps balance thyroid conditions, provides energy, bolsters endurance, boosts strength, packed with antioxidants, lowers cholesterol, it's... amazing. (All info taken from Running Food brochure) It keeps you hydrated, so it's awesome for athletes. And you can mix it into everything! I am in love.

Best Friday in FOREVAH.
Happy weekend!


  1. I think I'm the only blogger out there who doesn't like chia seeds. I know that they're really amazing little powerhouses, but every time I've had them in the past, I've hated them. Maybe I'm just not using them correctly or something, because they always end up stuck in my teeth and the crunchiness kind of throws me off. Then I read about all of the benefits and I get tempted to give them another chance. Sigh.

  2. You are so cute! Awesome work on the strength training - I am a beginner too but am slowly noticing results. I love chia seeds - you should try out chia seed pudding (I have the recipe on my blog!), it's one of my favourite snacks.

    thank you so much for your AMAZING comment!! your pastor sounds AWEESOME!!! I love those things you said! what denomination are you if you dont mind me asking?

    YAY FOR STRENGTH TRAINING!! slow and steady wins the race! it takes time, but its a FUN journey :) :)

    love you girl- thankful for you!