July 15, 2010

First Time: Nectarine

I wanted to title this post "Whole Wheat.... Pita Bread?" But, I ate something for the first time! So that won for the title :)

Ah, pita bread... I longed for you... but no, no pita bread. Although it was just what I wanted with my Pinto Bean + Oat Burgers, it wasn't what came out of the oven after 5 mins on 500* and that made me sad. But guess what I got to eat, instead? ROLLS!

Quick story: ever since I was little, I would devore rolls at the dinner table. Honestly, I would eat 4-7 rolls each time they were served (this may or may not have depended on the size of the roll). My mom was fabulous at making loads of homemade rolls, enough for each person to probably eat 5, and there would still be leftovers. This made mom = best friend. When did my roll/bread intake chill out? Less than a year ago. My hubby kindly pointed out how much bread I inhaled one day at dinner, and after denying it, then laughing about how it don't matter none, I realized I needed to calm down a bit. Now? I might eat 1-2 rolls, and I stop there.. simply because I like to fill my insides up with other goodies, and then consume oats for dessert. But ah, today I was happily reminded of my roll-packed past, and it made my heart glad.


Overnight Oats + friends


OH MY GOSH. I am in love with nectarines. I want to buy them in bulk. I can't believe these hadn't been ever introduced to my mouth 'till today. This was - incredible!


almond butta/cinna/raisins

[INSANE!] Workout: 10k (6.2mi) - 1:02:00 @ the track + 10 min abs/arms
Running around in circles on a track in 80* weather:

Some of my freckles decided to multiply + recreate.

Eats on ze Road:

Plum. Nanner. Muesli/almonds/raisins combo.

Oats/Pintos/Green Onion:

Future/Present Eats:

(Pita?) Before:

(3/4 c. flour, dash o' salt, h20, yeast)
(knead for 5. let sit for 15)
(form into balls. let sit for 25)
(bake at 500* for 5 mins)

(Not Pita!) After:

yeah right you turn into pita bread!

I think the recipe wanted to tell me to make them into pita shapes, so they'd plump up a bit. But I'm not too disappointed that this failed, 'cause look what I ate!!

I ate 1 roll, and saved the other for tomorrow. The bean burgers were packed with oats + the carbs were super filling (in a good way, a very, very, good way) so now I get to have rolls on two different occasions! Celebration!

unsweetened organic ketchup, that is.

Can I live inside one of these? Please?


Oh, figs! The other day I wasn't sure if I liked these or not. But, after dinner I ate 2 of these and actually really liked 'em! The flavor is subtle + fun, I could probably eat a bunch with nothing on them and not get sick of those goofy looking fellas. Yay! I found a new fruity friend!

The future of figs? A blender with ice, liquid, and frozen fruit.

I'm excited. So much so, that I am going to crawl into bed at 845PM, 'cause my hubby is working in a different state tonight, and I want everything to go by quickly enough so he will re-appear in good ol' Washington. Come back, my love!


  1. I love nectarines, too :) Even better than peaches to me because they don't have the funky fuzzy skin! haha.
    I've been dying to try fresh figs. I saw them one day in the store but was just trying to make a quick, inexpensive trip and passed - haven't seen them since! :(

  2. Aww you're too cute! Sometimes I crawl into bed early too just to make the next day come sooner :) Hope you two are re-uinited soon!

    I tried to get into figs... I really did, but I just couldn't do it. I always bite into one expecting more and then I'm disappointed with the subtleness. Nectarines, on the other hand I looooove. They taste really great in smoothie form as well :D