July 10, 2010

Onion Breath

Quick post 'cause I have a nasty head ache that has been trying to ruin my Saturday since the moment I woke up. Sad news, man! But, even with the migraine at 750am, I still was so ready for some toast topped with almond butter, a nanner and some chia seeds!

Also on top: cinnamon + raisins :)

Sometimes food is so beautiful it deserves 2 snapshots?

Ready for running!

Hubby so beautiful!

Beautiful RUN: 10.25K - 1:00:30 + mad dog push ups + abs at our favorite lake evah. Green Lake, never leave us, please. It was super hot so I wasn't bummed out about my slower time (I think my 10.25K PR is around 57mins) and I enjoyed the beauty of it all with every sweaty step :)

*GUESS WHAT?! After the run, Eduardo asked me how my migraine was doin' ...and I was amazed that it was 100% GONE! Thank you Jesus! Exercise: miracle.

Sky so beautiful!

Post-run snacks so beautiful! (2 orange, 1 peach, 1 plum, 1/2 pear, 2 homemade granola bars, 1 banana + 1 slice bread that we ended up not eating.


Eggs + chili pepper + spinach + green bell + avocado + tomato

Happy bday PAPA dinner!

Grilled chicken breast with bell pepper + suga snap peas + onion + salad + colorfulness!


Frozen strawberries.blueberries.banana.yogurt.agave.ice!

And... returning headache be gone!
Same with you, onion breathe. Go away..!


  1. Cooked peppers and onions? So so good ! Worth the onion breath for sure. Glad you guys had a great run. I hope the headache stays away and that you got in some fun baking

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