July 26, 2010

Purple Potatoes + Seitan

Wonderful day, but missing my hubby more and more, hurts to sit, hurts to stand, muscles apparently telling me they had a beat down on Saturday... you'd think a basic 30 minute magazine workout wouldn't do that, but so wrong. Today, while trying to forget about my painful glutes, I ate + cooked + caught up on some TV for the first time in 7 years. Joyous.

Overnight Cherry Oats:

oats, rice milk, chias, cinnamon, raisins,
almonds, wheat germ, almond buttah,
half a banana, cherries.

Cherries from the Farmer's Market!
PS: first time I had ever had fresh cherries :)


Tempeh + Baked Pepper Sammich:

oh tempeh, avocado, mustard, bell pepper, greens, oh, fantastic.



Costco did an amazing job this time on selling some delicious oranges! Love it, because buying a 20lb box of dry navels kinda puts a downer on your day.

Workout: 5mi - 54 mins elliptical (embarassing!) I was in so much pain, I could care less. It felt good, it was more relaxing than killer, and I got a nice weight session in shortly after.
  • Chest Supported Row (30lbs) - 3x10
  • Leg Extension (20lbs) - 3x12
  • Bicep Curl (20lbs) - 3x12
  • Butterfly (30lbs) - 3x10
  • ABS: crunches, bicycle, reverse crunches, other fellas without names
Banana Breads

and almond butter, and banana, and cinnamon, and raisins. Fab.


After reading mucho about soy (goods + bads) I decided to switch things up with my vegetable proteins to and bought some Seitan (read about it here!) a few weeks ago. It was pre-seasoned with a soy sauce type of flavoring, and I was looking for more of a raw batch. Sold in stores? Can't find it. So I found a recipe on this lovely girl's blog, and attacked it! Super easy, and quick, and... it looks like a brain. A tasty one ;)

Purple Potato Dinner:

I had to buy this guy the second I saw him at the Farmer's Market. Why can't they just sell these at the grocery store? They're fantastic looking! And tasty. Like your basic potato.

Wikipedia: The reason for the blue potato's color is because of a mutation in the P locus causing production of the antioxidant anthocyanin (way to make it sound not that cool anymore...) I eat mutants!

Garbanzos, Roasted Veggies:

yellow potato, purple/blue potato, tomatoes, squash :)


I meant to put it in with the veggies, but forgot. It was scrumptious!

Today's PM Cooking:
  • Roasted Veggies
  • Pinto Beans
  • Brown Rice
  • Garbanzos
  • Almond Buttah hummus
  • 9 Green Veggie Burgers (recipe to come!)
  • Nutty Cinnamon Granola

Berry Berry Goood:

A few dollops of plain yogurt, splash of rice milk, 2 handfuls of frozen mixed berries, half a frozen banana, drops of vanilla + 2 ice cubes.

One almost broken blender + some muesli =

Melt in your mouth. Good.

I miss my Edu.
Did I mention I miss my husband?

Happy almost Tuesday!


  1. I bought vital wheat gluten this weekend and hope to make seitan this week...we'll see how it turns out!

  2. Aw, sorry you're still missing the hubs :(
    Baking/cooking is the best way to pacify my mind - and looks like you did that with the seitan. Looks great - I always think of those little rubbery brains or aliens that you play with as a kid...you put them in water and they grow. And it seems like everyone is finding these elusive purple potatoes lately - except me! *pout* haha.
    Happy Tuesday - one day closer to seeing your man, I hope?

  3. Mutant potatoes! Ehehe. Is it weird that I want to try eating mutant food? Too bad the only potatoes I see around here are white or orange. Boo. I guess my fellow Canadians are lacking imagination in the produce department.

    Aww, girl that's so sweet/sad that you miss your hubs. But he's coming home soon, right? And it looks like you've been cooking/baking up a storm while he was gone, so I bet there's a lot of delicious food you can present him with. Of course, I bet he'll be the most happy to see you again... although, banana bread will probably come in a close second ;)