July 17, 2010

Veggie Spring Rolls + Baby Shower!

Today I jumped (crawled) out of bed at 630am and prepared myself (mainly mentally) for a run on the evil treadmill. I call it an evil treadmill because I try, try, try to avoid that sucker until I truly have to use it, since it almost always hurts me wee-legs + I hate that it controls my pace, and I can't slow down or speed up without pushing buttons. Just let me move freely, yo! Anyway, today was one of those days that I just had to run on it. And it burned...

I ate this:

1/2 a nanner + friends.

Ran this: 5 miles - 46:04 treadmill (started at 6mph and moved up to 7.5) + 10 mins of glorious weight lifting for the arms.

After some walking, it told me I burnt over 600 calories! I told it to bite me, since I felt like I wanted to stop running since the first half mile. haha, dumb machine! I will never love you!

Breakfast at Maltby's Cafe:

I went out to bfast with an amiga, and I got the oats (I'm so creative! Syke?) with nuts, raisins, and seasonal fruit. SO good. But felt like 8 servings of oats, so I couldn't even force myself to finish the bowl. The fruit was amazing.

Baby Shower!

Awww, amiga with a baby inside! So cute!

I think this dog's name was Maria. She smelled like mass perfume. I felt like I was holding a purse, she was so light. How are dogs made this small? So goofy.

Homemade pasta(s):

I don't know what was in 'em, except some corn + veggies + probably a yogurt/mayo/sour cream combo. I ate, because the only other option was Dominos pizza, and I so fancy something made at home over take out pizza. Bring on the mayo, if you have to!

Enough Watermelon for 10:

I consumed that plate x3 - I couldn't stop!
I have been craving watermelon forever and it was so cold and fresh and juicy and refreshing and amazing that I didn't care to stop. Everything in moderation? yeah right.

Veggie Spring Rolls!

carrots, bell pepper, green onion, cilantro.

yay! Love how Avery had these same wrappers!

Sweet n Sour "Peanut" Sauce: almond butter (hah), red wine vinegar, rice vinegar, red pepper flakes, agave, lime juice (recipe based off Avery's!)- this was so tasty! I didn't measure anything, 'cause I didn't think it mattered too much, and it tasted so sweet + so sour! More spicy, than sour, though. Such a good combo with the cold veggies inside the rice paper.

I want this every day. Please.

Evil Treadmill Deeds:

Look what it did to me! I can't walk down stairs without my knee screaming, and even my ankle hurts. What's up with that? Oh well, that's what ice packs + good ol' stretching was made for, right? Thank you, ice!

Just watched The White Ribbon - awesome German movie.
I feel fluent in German now, thankyouverymuch. Love foreign films!!


  1. Haha, you're TOO cute... although, I'm sorry the dreadmill beat you up; I hate them as well, and I'm convinced they're out to ruin lives and legs.

    I've never been able to understand the tiny, little, doggie thing either, but they're kind of cute to look at... even though I'd never want to own one. Watermelon, on the other hand, I can own hardcore... I could probably eat an entire melon in one (maybe two) sittings if left to my own devices... and then suffer the stomach pains later ;)

  2. I freaking LOVE YOU!!!
    you are SOOOOOO adorable!!
    that puppy is so cute too!! Isnt God so funny how He shapes things? like.. WHERE did He come up with an ostrich? such an odd looking animal.

  3. yay for making it and your spring rolls look awesome!! thanks for telling me :)