August 24, 2010

2 Day Stress Test

Tuesday, Tuesday. Who knew you were preparing a hardcore test of my... sanity. It was a rough day. It made my insides hurt, my head throb, my body temp hit a slight fever. I'm so thankful that this Wednesday ended on such a calmer note, otherwise I'd be a nasty wreck right now.


the best veggie burger i have ever made + eaten


workout, yo: 5 mi elliptical - 45:47
abs, yo: [20 each] crunches, bicycle, reverse crunches, 10lb weight pass, toe touches, toe taps, scissor kicks, 90 seconds plank.


oh my gosh - heavenly! and the cinnamon/raisin/nutmeg totally works wonders!!!

and stress: disappear.

work, cook, 2nd work, migraine, sick tummy, sleep.
wake, give 2 weeks, cry, drive 1.5 hrs.
take test, feel nervous, drive 1.5 hrs.
exercise, fuel, cook, cook, sleep.

I'm better now :) God is unbelievable Kind.

I can do everything through
Him who gives me strength.
Philippians 4:1


  1. aww sorry you had to have a test of sanity recently :( that is nevver any fun. but!! i am very glad you liked the eggplant. that is possibly the cutest little eggplant i've seen!! and i love how you print out and organize your recipes from online. i really want to start doing something like that, but i can't keep up with all the ones i save and lugging my laptop to the printer is such a pain :P
    i hope today goes better for you, lady!

  2. I love how you have a celery stalk in every crevice of that sandwich container!