August 1, 2010

Beet Zucchini Pizza

My lovey dove's birthday is today! I'd shout "Happy Birthday!" but he doesn't really read the blog, since he eats + sees everything I eat anyhow. Ah shoot: Happy Birthday mi Edu! love that guy. It's pizza day, his favorite favorite favorite thing I have ever made. This might be an overwhelming post in the picture category, so I left out today's amazing Seattle trip out, n saving it for later this week!

Epic Green Monster w/Beet Leaves:

10 million beet leaves, and this is the green you give me? Hmph.

almonds, banana, chias, wheat berries, granola, raisins.

Seattle Bites:

Little bites for a little trip [2 carrot oatmeal cookies!]

Beet Zucchini Pizza
  • 3 cups whole wheat flour
  • 1 cup hot water
  • 2 1/4 tbsp yeast
  • 1 jug olive oil
  • 1 dash o' salt

Add hot water to yeast, let sit 5-10 minutes

Select your veggie friends

find a swiss chard leaf the size of Texas

Prepare the other goodies

Add olive oil, salt, mix

rip + cut swiss chard into strips

Add half of the flour

Mixxxx 1 minute

Add the rest of the flour, look for no sticking!

A wittle more flour, is okay, but don't over-do it.

get your hands wet, grab dough, place in lightly greased bowl

diced goodies (my zucchini got half froze in the fridge, darn temp. It turned into a funny color...

Hubby's chicken doggies from Whole Foods, leftover chicken breast cut into strips, pineapple love from a can.



Grease a pizza pan like a crazy woman (I'm terrified of my pizzas sticking, because they have twice, and it's horrible trying to attack a stuck-to-a-pan-pizza when you're starving..) Starting in center, use your knuckles to push out the dough (if you let it rise in a warm place, the dough will be MUCHO more soft and fluffy, mine is usually kinda tough, 'cause I don't like to wait for it to rise..)

push with fingers...

Beet salad! (you know, to keep the theme goin')

beets, peanuts, oranges


carrot turned pink. I fell in love with the flavors in this guy!

Ice Milk:

I tried to skip yogurt for a day, and used rice milk + ice as the base.. it turned into a river of berries.

Naturally, I inhaled it.

Birthdays are joyous.

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    must get caught up on your blog ASAP!! and man that pizza looks so great!! ive been on SUCH a pizza kick!! oh my goodness. love how u put the cheese, THEN the sauce on!

    thanks so much for sharing me about your hubby and you praying together! My boyfriend and I are serious-we have been dating for 2.5 years and God has ALWAYS been our strong foundation! He is what has kept us pure, strong, and together under HIM!!!! I am so thankful that we started from the GET GO surrendering our relationship to the Lord. we have never prayed together- we had read the bible together and still read the bible together but I am very weary about praying with him because ive heard so many mixed things about praying with someone who isnt your husband! but i loved hearing your insight. some people ive talked to say the exact same thing as you, and others say different! I just have to figure out what God wants for me! youre an amazing woman!