August 26, 2010

Cauliflower Romance

Cauliflower used to scare me. I had never tried it before, I saw it as a hard, solid, white version of broccoli, and I had no idea how to wash, cut, cook, or eat it. The first head of cauliflower that I purchased was a fun experience, thinking back I thought I didn't like it too much, but after re-reading that post, it looks like I loved it! I have experimented with cauliflower pizza crust (fell in love), roasted cauliflower popcorn (fell even deeper in love), and, mashed cauliflower. Today was a mashed cauli day, and it was a good thing.

I Like You a Lot, BFast:

This was a delicious bowl, it almost tasted like overnight oats. Little did my mouth know that I had just put a 1/2 cup oats, 1/4 cup muesli, sprinkle of kashi golean, frozen blueberries, cinnamon, raisins, almonds, 1 banana and rice milk together before it's very eyes. The mix of oats soaked up the rice milk almost instantly, it was beautifully delicious.

i later ate a peach with white insides, and some grapes

Salad Bomb:

spinach, crumbled veggie pattie (last one!), avocado + serrano chili = guac, cucumber, celery + some carrots with my homemade hummus that finally came out smooth! I'm so cheerful inside. Where can I buy 50 lbs of garbanzos 'round this joint, eh?

Weights: 40 minutes of burning muscles:
  • Chest Supported Row [30lbs] - 4x12
  • Triceps Extension [20lbs] - 4x10
  • Incline Press [25lbs] - 4x10
  • Lat Pull [40lbs] - 4x12
  • Biceps Curl [20lbs] - 4x12
  • Side Laterals [10lbs] - 3x10
  • Seated Low Row [30lbs] - 2x15
  • Butterfly [30lbs] - 3x12
  • Leg Extension [20lbs] - 4x12
  • Leg Curl [10lbs] - 4x12 (alternating)
  • Standing Calf [20lbs] - 4x12
  • Weighted Squat [25lbs] - 3x12
  • Lunges with 10lb weights - 20 each leg
  • Squats with 10lb weight - 25
  • Reverse Lunges with 10lb weights - 15 each leg
  • Gluteus Kickback - 25 each leg
  • Bridge with Glute Lifts - 20 each leg
amaazingg and then I walked home with every muscle in my body yelling at me. I wanted to tackle some cardio, or more weight lifting, but my headache wouldn't leave me be. So I came home and ate a slice of homemade bread. It made me smile.

Dinner, Friends:

steamed cauli, paprika, garlic n onion (dried), dash o' salt.

Unbelievable! I love me some mashed cauli on a rainy day. Steamed broccoli hung out with it, as did some garbanzos and a sweet potato with cinnamon.

Fab. day in the eats category. I just made lasagna, but ate all the eggplant yesterday, so it has none of that good fella. It does, however, contain loads of zucchini, bell pepper, spinach, and diced tomatoes. I'm kinda excited. No. Really excited.

But you, O Lord, are a compassionate and gracious God,
slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness.
Psalm 86:15

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  1. haha, I'm sort of in the "mreh, cauliflower..." department atm. I've seen a lot of it lately, though - maybe I'll have to give it another shot? It's been aaages since I've tried it, so I think in my mind I've sort of related it to broccoli...and hey, I like normal broc so much, why mess with the white stuff? But that's not true ;)
    Glad to hear you had a muuuuch better day today! Can't wait to see the lasagna :D
    Oh, and: SO, SO glad you've had a PB & J with BBQ chips!! haha. I was starting to think I was reeeeally crazy.