August 27, 2010

Loaded Lasagna

6AM: Half a banana, almonds, raisins, h2o
Elliptical: 5 miles in a slower-than-normal 49:34
Stretch: Short n sweet, this girl ran out of time!
Abs: didn't happen, but will tomorrow :)
I felt, le dehydrated.


tastes a lot like cake, in a bowl, with a spoon and frozen fruit.
[rice milk, rolled oats, muesli, cinnamon, banana, wheat germ, frozen blueberries, creamy almond butter, raisins, almonds a sprinkle of kashi golean crunch!]

Fruit from 830am - 5pm

'cause I do.


this is an impostor photo, for I to-tal-lee forgot to snap a pic of the real deal. But it was along the same almond butter, cinnamon, raisin sammie on homemade breads.


Tofu: not so new, but it's been a while!
Kale: hubby's request, I'm nervous but excited to try it again.
Bulgar: 'cause all you bloggers do this grain, so I wanna do.
Pure Sesame Oil: 'cause I'm ready for it to rock my world.

Lasagna Bomb:

spinach, zucchini, bell pepper, serrano chili, tomatoes

2 chicken breasts for 2 people [so simple.] and mushroom chunky pasta sauce.
[make it vegan: omit chickens + brown some eggplant + more veggies!]

whole wheat lasagna noodles, about 5 used in total.

tomato delight.

layers of mass flavor.

enjoyed thoroughly.

roast me some Cruciferous veggies, riight noowwws!

Costco won, big time:

3 pounds of ground flaxseed? I sure do!
[in my breads, in my yogurts, in my cookies, in my oats, in my veggie burgers, in mai cupcakes?! bagels, homemade pasta? granola barz, you know. evary-thing]

PS: the lasagna was (oddly) followed by the strangest and most uncomfortable stomach pains I think I've had in 8 million years. Can I pretend it was the chicken, and get on with my life? Ah, to be a Vegan in Mexico City. It just doesn't seem like the best idea.

Happy Weekend :)
My hubby has a 10 mile race tomorrow morn' - stoked!


  1. the lasagna looks delicious - bummer it didn't like you as much, though :( very strange. do you usually have a little bit of a sensitivity to meat?
    i love the almond butter, cinnamon, and raisin sammie - sounds great!
    good luck to the hubs in the am!!

  2. Oh my lanta where did you find those flaxseeds at cosco? Are they in a certain section? I need to find them! Sorry you felt not so great after the lasagne :( Good luck to your man on his race!!