August 28, 2010

My First Sushi Experience

...and hubby's 10 mile race recap!

It all began with a morning snack + a mini-workout [yoogaa]

Then I packed snacks + fuel for post-race inhaling:

overnight oats + ice = cold oats later? no.
overnight oats + ice = watery oats later. Bummer.

I ate a mug of oats.

Dicing + slicing veggies

A grand collection.

Race Lovin'

The love of my life! God blessed me with the most incredible, loving, caring husband ever.


marathon (!!!) runners went first (3 large loops in forest)


I ran 20 minutes without knee pain!
okay, okay. I jogged at a very very slow pace.. but still!

Runnn Loveee Runnn!

4th place
10 miles - 1:09:41
He got lost a few times, and the mile markers were messed with by some teens who were running with a high school group. Most of the hardcore finishers were pretty bummed out about it 'cause their official finish times weren't 100% accurate, but Eduardo said he enjoyed it mucho and is happy with his results. What whaaat :)

Pizza Attack!

mai whole wheat crust face, with mushroom tomato sauce, kale, broccoli, beets, bell pepper, canned pineapple, green onion, and serrano chili.


Bread Fiasco!

My aunt passed me 2 more recipes: a Rye Bread fella and a Cinnamon Bread that was too tempting to "save for next weekend" so I printed her 2 recipes, added some pics I found on google (hah) and managed my time in a pretty nice manner (I made these before the pizza, and while they were rising for an hour, I prepared the pizza. Once the pizza was out of the oven, the 2 loaves had finished their 2nd rise and were ready to be popped in the oven. It was joyous).

Using the same basic ingredients + instructions for my whole wheat loaves, I came up with this:

whole wheat flour, gluten flour, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, raisin (not pictured), flaxseed + salt business

dark rye flour, tiny bit of whole wheat flour, gluten flour (next time I'll make it 100% gluten free but I was a bit intimidated by that idea this time), coriander seeds (same as caraway, right?), unsweetened cocoa powder, dash o' salt.

rise my love bugs, double in siiizzee!

bootiful. I think the rye guy needed more flour, but I was scared to pass the max amount of flour that was asked in the recipe - trying to avoid a dry loaf. We'll see how these loaves taste + adjust ingredients accordingly.

Birthdays are fun stuff.

From left: wasabi + ginger (spice + palette cleanser), 3 avocado cucumber, 1 okra, 1 inari, 2 roasted bell pepper, 1 grilled portabella mushroom, 1 enoki mushroom + chives.

avocado cukes: 5 stars
okra: shoulda been raw
inari: tofu, soft, seasoned
bell peppah: delightful
portabella: my first time, tasty.
shroom + chives: fantastical.

Insanely good, incredibly simple flavors, unforgettable little plate of goodies. Honestly, I couldn't stop taking about how I wanted to return to this restaurant, and how crazy it was that I had never had sushi before. But then I realized: why not just make sushi at home? It'd be fantastically easy, so... it's on my to-do list.

PS: Go to Umi Sake House if you're ever in Seattle
+ want to eat something AWESOME.

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  1. hey beautiful girl! i've been awol from google reader for a few days, but i've LOVED reading about your last few weeks! congrats on the no knee pain!!! and i love sushi - it's probably one of my favorite foods!

    your huz is amazing... and you guys are too cute. the running couple :)

    i love making your bread recipes, by the way! i can't eat them (GF) but the pleasure my mom gets from them is so worth it!!! love you girl, and keep praising god for his daily blessings... he loves to bless us!