August 10, 2010

Parsnip + Lemon Cucumbers

Quickie: I ate parsnip, I enjoyed it because it looks and tasted like a carrot, even roasted. I ate a really delicious nectarine, and it squirted on my green rhino shirt. My super hero friend gave me some lemon cucumbers from her cousin's farm, and they tasted like cucumbers.

I went to the gym, and moved for 37 mins and 12 seconds, completing a lovely 4 miles on the elliptical. I had no knee pain, but played it safe and iced the fella when I got home (while my veggies roasted). The gym also consisted of 10 minutes of arm weights + abs. I love that so many girls motivated me to add more weight lifting into my life! I feel strong, yo! Sigh.. I had a relax, happy day.

Now I get to hang out with my love bug, Edu, on the red couch and watch TV read blogs. Peaceful, thank you Jesus!

I eat quinoa for breakfast, and cover it up with frozen fruit, almond butter, almonds, raisins, wheat berries, frozen bloobs (haha, she made me do it!) and muesli.

I ate a lemon cucumber outside of the sammie, and it was sweetly delicious! There's avocado, spinach, mustard, bell pepper, and more spinach between those 2 (last) slices of (store bought) bread! From today on: homemade bread 100%! :)

Speaking of...

post-workout fluffy slice.

it. got. better.

and better.

Roast Them Veggies:

Seriously, the best way to eat dinner. 1/2 roasted rainbow colors, a grain, and a protein. So. fabulous. Veg mix: brocc, squash, zucchini, purple potato, parsnip, (fruit =tomato?).


just without xanthan gum ;)

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11


  1. Hehe aww, girl, your posts are too cute and they always make me smile. Yes... smoothies without xanthan gum are the way to go, no matter what anybody else says. Better play it safe and not take any chances...

    But! I might just have to step out of my comfort zone and bake some homemade bread. Omigosh; yours seriously looks amazing, and even though I'm sure mine wouldn't turn out looking like that (I KNOW I'd screw up when working with yeast), I'm still willing to give it a try for a piece of that deliciousness...

    Hope you're having a good time with your hubby tonight :)

  2. Amanda's right - your bread looks awesome, I can't believe I didn't remember it when I was looking for a recipe!! It looks so perfect and fluffy. I'll definitely have to give it a shot next - this loaf I made is quite small!
    Glad you're enjoying weight lifting. And enjoy your gum-free smoothie! They're just as good, promise :P

  3. I've never had quinoa for breakfast, but I might have to try it! Great verse by the way :)

  4. That bread looks awesome! I need to get some raw almonds - you always make them look so delicious as a topping!

  5. HEY GIRL!
    hahahaha LOVE THE BLOOBS!! I almost always type out boobs when i blog about it! then I feel like an immature 10 year old boy. ANYWAY I am so sorry i have sucked at commenting, ive been so busy packing for school!
    All of your food looks SO fresh and SO good, as always!! I LOVE it!!!
    Love that verse- that is one of my favs! thank you for sharing, you are awesome!