August 18, 2010


June 2009 I decided to read the bible all the way through, from Genesis to Revelation. I thought (and hoped) it would take a year or so, which cause me to read a tad quickly and in a slight rush. This is the reason I'm in the book of Jeremiah today... and I don't recall much from Genesis to Isaiah. Sad days. I know these books are in the Bible for a reason, they have a purpose, but there are times when I find myself reading about so many kings, their sons, and their battles, that I forget I'm reading God's Holy Word, an extremely valued Book that I should never take for granted.

All of this ran through my mind, as I read this:

"But I will deliver you in that day," says the Lord, "and you shall not be given into the hand of the men of whom you are afraid. For I will surely deliver you, and you shall not fall by the sword; but your life shall be as a prize to you, because you have put your trust in Me," says the Lord.
Jeremiah 39:17 + 18

Isn't it beautiful? That last bit made me smile. It's God's promise, His amazing gift to us! If we put our trust in God, good things happen! It doesn't mean life suddenly becomes perfect and flawless, but it does mean that we don't have to worry, and that we can give Him all of our stress and sorrow and not have to think about it so much. He is in control, all we have to do is trust Him.

See? I guess reading about men like Pashhur and Ephraim, about Zedekiah, scrolls, and the fall of Jerusalem isn't so bad. It's those verses that stand out, change lives, and help us come to know the Creator of this world a little better, that make this Book a real Gem. :)

Ah, I ate stuff today, too.

oats, rice milk, chias, cinna, muesli, bloobs, almonds, almond buttah, wheat berries:

the goods for the day:

veg patties, guac + greens:

dessert apple pizza made with school kids!

quinoa from yesterdays:

yogurt, cinna, oats, bloobs, banana, peanuts:

My stomach has been really off today, I think it may've been from the boat-loaded plate of fruit on Monday night, then plate #2, then more fruit the next morning. Take it slow, fruit-face! My tummy is paying a nasty price :( Dang fiber overdose!

God bless, friends + familia bonita!


  1. What in the world are bloobs? hahahahahaha

  2. Wha a wonderful verse. I'm a big time worrier and I tend to stress about everything. It sucks because I know that everything will be alright if I just put my trust in God, but knowing that and being able to actually put it into practice is a whole other story. But thank you for the reminder :) I'll try to keep it in mind throughout the day...

  3. Your eats look AMAZING. I haven't had wheatberries in far too long. I love them.

  4. I think I need to make some wheatberries and store them in the fridge to add to oats! I've only had them on their own as a grain!