August 14, 2010

Welcome To The Oven

Oven = Our apartment without AC :)

Happy Saturday! It's so beautiful outside, I just want to live outside all day! Which is almost what we did: run at our favorite lake, read Runner's World magazine on a huge field of green grass (I may've picked a soft, green leaf off the ground and wondered what it would taste like in a sandwich..), walked to a running store - looking for answers on my runner's knee which seems to have greeted me with its presence after a 10 minute jog in the comforting sun's heat, and eating some homemade sammies in Starbucks, gazing at the weather's beauty through the window.

Pre-Run Eats:

with 2 spoonfulls o' wheat germ

Post-Run Fuel:

Homemade breads with almond butter, cinnamon, raisins + oranges + the brownest bananas ever buttt they didn't taste brown at all because I put 'em in the fridge once they get full of spots, and they live forever once cold! Lovee itt: bananas without an experation date.


We decided to grab a few non-produce items hurr, then the veggies + such at the grocery store. Hubby is convinced that Farmer's Markets are crazy expensive and so we might just visit them every other week to balance things out. I just love the people at those places! So nice, happy, selling their fruits and veggies. And grocery stores round here don't sell purple potatoes, or purple carrots, or an array of seed-packed bars made from the locals.


Not too shabby! We bought a few new items:

bufffalooo for the hubby

a friend that has been all over blog land and cost only 49 cents ;)

clovers for mi sammiches!

jicama! Finally! Been wanting to buy this forever! With a beet salad, or roasted, or attacked in some other harmless way...

Pancake Fail:

I always do this. I try to make a "small" batch of pancakes, and I mess up the measurements, so I end up eating like 10 cups of oats aaaand... enjoying every bite but these just turned out ugly, yo.

Topped with plain yogurt + cinnamon. Created with oats, ww flour, cinnamon, nutmeg, blueberries, rice milk, and baking soda/powder + salts. I think I threw vanilla in there too.

Get Down:

time to make garbanzo creations!


Inspired by Beth's recipe :)
Makes about 5/6 med. sized patties, or a bunch more mini-patties
  • 1.5 cups cooked garbanzos
  • 1.5 cups oats
  • 3 handfuls spinach
  • 2 green onions
  • Red pepper flakes (use roasted red peppers if you have 'em!)
  • Drizzle of olive oil
  • Dash of H2o (to prevent dry patties!)

Green + Beautiful


It started feeling extremely hot in our home - like 93* out er something. But I turned on the oven (we're so good at adjusting our meals to hot/cold weather friendly!): to bake a potato + sweet potato fries, the burners: to heat tortillas, cook beans, brown brussel sprouts, brown veggie pattie, and the George Foreman: to cook hubby's buffalo.

In. sanely. hot.

And then I melted,

so we made frozen yogurts.
lowfatplain yogurt, half frozen banana, ice, frozen strawberries n blueberries, drizzle of agave.

and indulged, with a fan blowing directly at our faces and ice packs on our feet, while we watched a movie :)


  1. Sounds like one fantastic day!!!!!!!! Love being outside this time of year. Isn't homemade bread the best? Makes me never want to buy store bought again. Sorry about the pancake fail- but I bet the result was still deliciousness.

  2. oh. my. gad. i want to host a st. patty's day part right now just so i can serve those green chickpea burgs. how awesome would that be?! i'd probably get "you're weird" looks - so maybe it'll have to be a foodie's st. patty's day party, lol.
    i agree with your hubby - the farmer's market is so much more expensive (around here, at least) but I still try to get stuff there, when I can make it. I love the atmosphere, and actually talking to the people that grew my food :)
    i'm sorry to hear about your knee again, Nicole :( my fingers are crossed for you, though!!

  3. I love your pancake fail ;) The same thing happens to me all. the. time. A lot of pancake recipes I look at make lik 24 pancakes, and that's a leeeeeeettle bit too much for me, so I try to downscale the recipe and always end up screwing something up. But, as long as it's tasty, it doesn't have to be pretty :)

    The farmer's market around here is craaaaazy expensive. I alwyas get jealous when I see bloggers buying whole cases of blueberries or strawberries for like 3 bucks; they cost a fortune here! A lot of the time, it's way cheaper to buy organic from the supermarket, than non-organic but local from the farmer's market. Shame... sometimes I still go just to take in the atmosphere, though :)

  4. heaven!!!

    and ps - lay off that knee girl! that's an order :)