August 20, 2010

Wild Crazed Rice

Arise and shine, 6am, stretch out your arms, open your eyes, curl your toes, it's time to wake up. I have to admit, waking up an hour later than I am used to on a Friday didn't feel too good this morning. My entire body felt like it had heavy sand bags lying on top of it, my arms and legs heavy, my eye lids weighing 30 pounds, it was a weird feeling. Was it 4am on a Saturday? Did I stay up until 3am the night before? Nope. I just felt like a zombie on a normal Friday.

"Give Me Fuel"

half a nanner with a few almonds.

workout: 20 min exercise bike (15km or so)
20 min elliptical (2.15miles) = 40 mins, 11.5 miles?
My wittle knee started to ache (no sharp pain, but a heavy ache) with the bike, so I decided to head over to the elliptical (ie: my familiar friend) and finish off my cardio mornin'
  • 20 crunches
  • 20 bicycle crunches
  • 20 reverse crunches
  • plank 60 seconds
  • side plank hip raises / 10 each side
  • lying oblique leg raises / 10 each side
  • 20 toe touches
  • 20 butterfly leg crunches
(disclaimer: I may have made up some of those names...!)

Loaded Bowl:

overnight rice/chia/cinnamon rolled oats
frozen bloobs, wheat germ, wheat berries, half a banana, almond butter madness!

Fruit family:

why hello plum, orange, firm delicious pear!

packed lunch:

almond butter sammie with cinnamon n raisins
celery, cucumber, hummus *non-pictured carrots*



Hubby: "I loved the quinoa stir fry," (I only made enough for him, 'cause I was going to make something else for me) "...but I thought it was tempeh, so I only ate half" (it was chicken) haha, my husband is a goof. So I made the leftovers my appetizer, I was starving after an 830-5 shift, those aren't normal for me, shoot. I needed to eat!

Ethnic-Looking Dinner:

Wild rice (crazy, long grain, black, firm texture and earthy flavor), tempeh, clover sprouts, beet leaves, 2 egg whites, red wine vinegar, rice vinegar, red pepper flakes, dash o' salt. Recipe 100% inspired by this girl (surprised?) ...oh snap! I just realized I forgot to add onion to the dish, that would've added so much pow to this plate! Ah, well... maybe next time.

Wild RICE: I bought this *pitch black, slightly purple* rice last weekend, because it has intrigued me for weeks as it has starred me down in the bulk aisle at our grocery store. I didn't know how to cook it, and kind of forgot about its existence in my cupboard 'till yesterday. So I looked up a quick "how-to" on cooking the funny grain, and soaked them overnight in h2o in the fridge. PS: it costs $10.99/lb!!! So I only grabbed less than half a cup ;) it was yummy, but I had to take a few extra bites to get used to it. I probably won't buy it again since it was so pricey, but it's a fun grain to try, so do it if you wish!

then I cleaned, and cleaned, and Costo-ed, and got a headache...

Smoothie Love:

  • 2 cups low fat plain yogurt
  • 3/4 an apple
  • 1 super ripe peach
  • 5 frozen strawberries
  • 5 ice cubes
  • 1 spoonful agave (not needed, but hubby likes it!)

carrot oat cookie, diced apple.

rolled oats, raisins, almonds.

Happy Friday! I love love love you, divine Fridays :)

Be kind to one another, tenderhearted,
forgiving one another, as God in Christ
forgave you.

Ephesians 4:32


  1. isn't it odd how waking up late can feel the same as waking up way too early? i'm not sure which is worse! i got a kick out of the hub's not eating because he thought it was tempeh. looks like he's learned quick - my mom is usually too naive to question (for now!) muahaha.
    never had wild rice - in fact, of all the grains, i oddly enough - don't care for rice at all. probably the most NORMAL of them all, go figure! haha

  2. I've been intrigued by the dark and mysterious wild rice as well, but I'm a big fan of brown basmati rice, and I don't want it to catch me cheating and ruin our relationship. Plus, I have a crazy enough grain stash that I have to get through...

    The picture of the banana with the two almonds made me laugh :) It's like the two of them are just hanging out talking, unaware of the fate that awaits them. Poor, but delicious, little buggers.

  3. My step dad LOVES wild rice and used to make it all the time. I cant stand the stuff. Maybe it is the way he makes it (which is the only way I have ever had it) but I dont like it AT ALL. I made a smoothie for my hubby the other night and I swear I had to put so much darn produce in t to fill him up!! Hes a bottomless pit lol