August 6, 2010

Zucchini on Toast

Work of Art night! I'm off watching inspiring TV, feeling drawn to the canvas that's pinned to our living room wall - just waiting to be painted on. All. Night. Long. In simple words: I'm pumped to paint, so post will be quick + joyous.


oats, rice milk, chias, wheat germ, wheat berries, banana, granola, almond buttah, frozen berries.

the greenest green from Farmer's land.

leftover roasted beets, tomato, purple potato. steamed brocoli rabe greens. garbanzos and wheat berries. honey whole wheat. cucumba.


workout: 35 mins arms/abs
I rested the knee today, and tackled every arm movement possible on the gym equipment. 4 sets of 8-12 reps depending on how difficult the move, lifting 20-30lbs each move. Felt fabulous, even though I hardly got a good cardio workout in. I is stronger now?

sghetti, chicken, steamed + roasted + grilled greens, pasta sauce.

oh delight in my tummy.

that slice of toast + that zucchini + pasta sauce = best. combo. known to man.


the huge rice milk, ice, berry smoothie left in freezer over night... turned into a rock.
so, after a few hours in the fridge, I attempted a snack..

left a good dent.

Official Dessert:

Gosh, going weeks without the apple/yogurt/cinnamon/oats combo is such a bad idea. This was an amazing memory of my past, I used to make one of these every other day, then every friday. I'm so happy it's back. This guy had 1 part muesli, 1 part kashi, 1 part oats + some frozen berries for good measure.

Happy weekend!


  1. Have fun painting! Zucchini + pasta sauce and toast? I need to try that combo.

  2. Apple, cinnamon, yogurt, and oats is like one of my favorite combos ever. Add some raisins to that and I'm in heaven.

    I'm glad you got a good strength workout in and felt fab. I used to be queen of cardio, but since I started doing more strength training, I've fallen in love, and I'm finding that the results are so much better. Feeling strong is a beautiful thing.