September 28, 2010

42 Minutes on Mr.Treadmill

Can we just say that I'm Superwoman? At least for a second or two? I have good reasoning, I promise: this morning, at 5:15am, I was able to jog for 42 minutes on the dreadmill! And completely knee-pain-free! Thank you Jesus! I also slight speed-walked on a 15 incline for 5 minutes shortly after the jog, just for good measure. It felt awesome and I am thanking my lovely knee for being a real trooper on its worse enemy: zeh-treadmill.

okay, okay, it felt like I was hardly going anywhere, and maybe you could've passed me if I were on the sidewalk and you were simply walking by my side... I only covered 3.5 miles, but still!

Lucky Kale Bfast:

This may have made me feel slightly sick for about 1 hour after I ate it. Why, you ask? Because this girl (me) blended up about 5 kale leaves last night with a few splashes of rice milk, completely ignoring frozen fruit which is very necessary when making a "smoothie" of sorts for your overnight oats.

So? This morning I grabbed my oats, my kale puree, and could smell the kale puree from 8 miles away... in a not-so-good way. You see, although kale is incredibly healthy and tasty when prepared correctly-it is also very bitter when raw + unseasoned + unprepared.

So? I over-decorated my breakfast bowl with granola, half a banana, sunflower seeds, frozen blueberries, almonds, and a huge spoonful of almond butter. That's where the mistake was made. Too much good, I tell you. Too... much...

Didn't Get Hungry 'Till 5 Hours Later...

ate the carrots, celery, half apple, kiwi, cucumbah


chose a fancy pinto bean/oat pattie + homemade pita creation

enjoyed the fancy creation with mustard
ate the banana, orange + apple hours later...

Did 10 Mins abs/arms/legs/glutes/etc!


good stinkin' recipe.
Garbanzos, tomato, spinach, quinoa, cucumber and..
red wine vinegar + olive oil + paprika + salt + pepper.

and then I ate 2 slices of homemade bread
half a banana
a few almonds
a few more almonds
granola bits
a raisin or two
a carrot or two

...Emm... what's going down? Oh well.. I'll get used to this new work schedule soon enough. And by that, I mean [my stomach and cravings and eating schedule] will get used to it. Goofy.

It's Biggest Loser night... my heart is glad.


  1. Woop woop!! Congrats on the jog!! And at 5 in the am? Heck no I cant even run at 3 in the afternoon let alone 5 in the morning haha
    BTW, you always make me want to eat better!! Your eats are so colorful and clean, I love it!

  2. I love that you make a blended mixture for your overnight oats - I'll have to try that! I had ONO's not too long ago and really DIDN'T like them - which is weird because I used to eat them almost daily!