September 10, 2010

Dear Immune System...

...please get better.

Headache, body aches, congestion, fatigue, watery eyes.. you know, the works. So what did I do? I confronted the bacterias inside of me with an overload of veggies + fruit... that, and some dayquil. ;)


kale, beet greens, frozen banana, frozen blueberries, rice milk, h20, chia seeds, ground flax seed + wheat germ, raisins, almonds on top.

apple, orange, elephant heart plum (ie: the best plum I've ever tasted)

raw beet, orange, unsalted peanuts.

carrots, cucumber, half a baked sweet potato

1 slice o' homemade goodness :)

hello lara! & banana


LOVE my friends + love my boss!!

power toast @ home with almond butter, chia, cinnamon, raisins on whole wheat

raw soup: broccoli, zucchini, summer squash, kale, thyme, lime juice, half an avocado, chili powder, cilantro = icky, I couldn't down it raw. Maybe someday I will be that hardcore. But I couldn't do it this time. So what did I do?

cooked veggie puree with garbanzos + bulgur = delightful warm bowl.

& then... I slept for 10 hours like a zombie!


  1. Sounds like a great way to battle a bug!! When I am sick I do the exact same thing. I down 2 green monsters LOADED with nutrients, then eat lost of fruit and a hearty bowl of vegie soup for dinner. A bubble bath also helps :)

  2. ooh - i love your way of "fixing" the raw icky soup. i bet it was really good with chickie peas and bulgur!!
    And i'm sending tons of vit c your way to battle your bug!! hope you feel better tomorrow :)