September 2, 2010

Golden Paprika Tofu

Ah, tofu. I've had a confusing relationship with you. It started off quite exciting and new (eating a food that most folks hate? Yes please!), and it quickly turned into, "meh..." but this week? I gave you another chance. The result? New and intriguing, but I'm going to have to keep hangin' out with ya. Yay for soy being alllllriiiight [check this link about soy!]

Carrot Cake Oats:

Those raw carrot cake "failures" are amazing in warmed up overnight oats, with some extra rice milk, and half a warm banana.

*awkward photo* - but heavenly taste! wheat germ + frozen blueberries atop.

Work Foods:

Beauty @ 6am:

I can't ignore these morning views sometimes. I jus' has to take a snapshot.


A simple (and glorious) sammie with homemade rye, avocado, mustard and bell pepper. Sides: zucchini, kiwi, celery, carrot, grapes, serrano chili.

Workout: 5K jog @ track (no knee pain!)
abs + pushups + fun:
  • 20 crunches
  • 35 bicycle crunches
  • 20 scissor kicks
  • 20 straight leg kicks
  • 20 fingers to toes
  • 20 side heel taps
  • 20 reverse crunches
  • 15 modified pushups
  • 30 side plank arm tucks (15 ea. side)
  • 30 side kicks with oblique raise (15 ea. side)
  • 15 modified pushups
  • 50 cat position knee bent kick backs (25 ea. side)
  • 60 secs. plank
wheeww making up half of those names was complicated! But hey, you get the idea, right?


Yes, I ate a banana covered in golden flaxseed, and loved it. Especially with the frozen blueberries, almonds n raisins. AMAZING.

Tofu Dinner:

Tofu browned in olive oil, with smoked paprika, salt n peppah, and more paprika. I threw the broccoli in and it turned a lovely dark brown, giving it a fantastico crunch, which who doesn't love crunchy brocc? Insanely good. Side: pintos, garbanzos, in a lime-balsamic vinegrette of sorts (olive oil, balsamic, tiny squirt of agave, fresh lime juice, red peppah flakes!) - delightful, but a little heavy on the lime. I ate it alll up, though.


Equal parts oats + pinto beans (around 3 cups!), 2 celery sticks, green onion, red pepper, paprika and 8million herbs, red pepper flakes, some chopped up radishes and broccoli... you know... everything I own. Now living in the freezer, ready for consumption whenever the time arises.


unsalted and incredible.

Blended Dessert:

plain low-fat yogurt, frozen strawberries, ice, half a nanner, half a pear, lovin' topped with raw carrot-oat cookie bits, muesli, granola, loads of good business.

Full and sleepy, trying to prepare myself mentally for tomorrow's 545am workout. I hope my body gets used to this soon - afternoon workouts are about to be a thing o' the past for me! (sooo exciiitiing!)



  1. I have never tried tofu. Im a little scared lol
    I love how colorful your lunch was!! I think every color was represented!!

  2. I love the looks of your lunch plate... so colorful! I'm a big fan of tofu - if you press it or wrap it in papertowels and put it between two plates the texture gets soooo much better.

  3. Your tofu always looks sooo good! I like tofu but I rarely make it myself. I never know what to do with it. Your posts inspire me to try something!