September 20, 2010

Homemade Sushi + Kale Oats

T'was a day, like any other. The alarm clock going off at 5:00am was a little powerful this mornin, and I won't lie: I wanted to sleep, real bad. But I got up, ate half a banana + almonds + raisins + 1 glass water, did 10 push ups, and walked to the gym in the darkness of the morning. I decided to try something new: more miles, abs later. & I like how it worked out, but my body was all "whaat arree youuu dooooing?" when I shot past mile 4 on the elliptical. It was pretty awesome in the end, though.

Workout: 5 miles - 48:25 elliptical
10 push ups before & after

Morning oats:

with apple butter, the other half of the banana, frozen blueberries & the works.


Apple butter + cinnamon + raisin sammie with its friends.

Worked PT2: 10 minute abs (these ab moves, to be specific.)
The online workout was about 8.5 mins long, so I added 90 seconds plank and felt pretty good inside. I'm a fan of the after-work ab deal. Let's see if it lasts!

Sushi (fail?)

Aren't they cute? Too bad the rest looked like they were attacked by a wild animal who randomly ran into the kitchen after crashing through my sliding door and then proceeded to throw rice and green veggies everywhere...

Someone teach me how to roll toasted nori without it breaking? Should I be soaking this stuff in h2o before hand? Okay, honestly though, homemade sushi is the tastiest creation known to man and I vote everyone try it. The toasted nori has an amazing flavor, and the creamy rice/avocado combo is out of this WORLD! I cooked up a bunch of brown rice over the weekend (er.. yesterday) and re-cooked it in sesame oil, with red wine vin, rice vin, and red pepper flakes. The flavor was insanely good and I think it made the sushi hit level 10 in the taste zone. I'm a fan.

Overnight Kale Oats for 3:

How to almost break your blender (you know, when it isn't an amazing Vitamix)
  • 3-4 huge kale leaves
  • 1-2 cups rice milk
  • 8 frozen strawberries
  • vanilla
  • unsweetened cocoa powder
  1. Turn the blender on
  2. Watch nothing happen
  3. Observe how the blender only chops up the greens that are touching the blades
  4. Notice how nothing is happening
  5. Open the top of the blender, and push the strawberries down with a spoon.
  6. Watch nothing happen
  7. Glance over to the couch, where hubby once was, and notice he is in the other room with the door closed because you have had the blender on for 10 minutes
  8. Look at your kale, notice it is not blending
  9. Push the strawberries down even more
  10. Push them down further
  11. Move your spoon around the inside of the blender, hitting the strawberries
  12. Try to help the blender with the mass amount of thick kale
  13. Then help it with the frozen strawberries
  14. Breathe, it is complete.
  15. Let it keep blending, even when it looks all smooth
  16. Let it blend some more, so it can remember what it feels like to actually work.
  17. Serve.

flax seed, chai seeds, raisins, agave.

A few spoonfuls of overnight oats mixed in, topped with frozen blueberries and almonds. I ate half, then saved the rest 'cause I knew I'd enjoy it that much more if I were truly hungry, which I wasn't. T'was bed time. Kale is bitter, but this was sweet and wholesome tasting. I wuv blended greens.

Whoever does not love does not know God,
because God is love.

1 John 4:8


  1. hey pretty - i dip my nori in water and jiggle off the excess water before i roll it. it shouldn't actually be wet, just flexible enough to roll! hope that helps :)

  2. Haha I def have a lame blender as well. I always shake it to try and get everything moving. It even has problems with my green monsters that have NOTHING frozen and NO ice. Jeeze...
    Great job on that extra mile :)

  3. I assisted with a class on making sushi at home, and one thing I learned is that one piece of nori acutally makes two rolls, so you want to break it in half! Spread the rice on there and then put the toppings on, and then roll it up. No soaking needed!