September 13, 2010

New Job

5am: 10 mins yoga, 20 mins abs/legs aaand then: headache

So, as much as I felt ready to sweat, maybe I'm just not up to a full on workout yet! There's always tomorrow... PS: It was my first day at the New JOBBB!!

Carrot Cake Oats:



so so good. Cinnamon Roll Lara: dessert.


carrots, zucchini, cucumber, celery, grapes, kiwi
breads, bell pepper, avocado, tomato, kale, spinach, chili pepper
H2o :)

Orange Quinoa Curry

thank you friend!

It was delicious. But, lesson learned: cooked orange slices are my least favorite invention ever.

Work was a blast. I'm now a huge fan of checking in patients, filing (like I wasn't already in love with that!), calling people about their prescriptions, seeing kiddos from my daycare coming in for their checkups, copying insurance cards, asking for co-pays, and working with pretty rad girls. God's timing was perfect, it is perfect. I'm so thankful for this job, it's such a blessing! The future is in His hands, there's nothing to worry about and I find so much peace in that Promise.

..being confident of this, that He who
began a good work in you will carry it on
to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

Philippians 1:6

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