September 18, 2010

Pumpkin Pancakes

When I woke up this morning, I didn't know that I would be making a golden beet pizza in the afternoon. I wasn't aware of a second larabar in my future, or pumpkin pancakes. I hadn't fully planned on baking two loaves of bread, or rolling out homemade tortillas made with rye flour. And, I didn't ever imagine forgetting to take a picture of golden beet pizza with radishes as dinner was pulled out of the oven. But it happened.

Post-Workout Snacks:

Almond butter, cinnamon, raisin sammies (mine with the last of the odd-shaped spinach tortillas)


Layers of green tortilla + nut butter. T'was a pleasantly good surprise.


It was a beauuutiful day at Green Lake. I jogged 25 minutes pain free!!!
knee best be healing 100% soon, ya'll.

Workout: 5K run/jog - 32:30
100 crunches pre-run + 10 push ups
50 alternating lunges + 10 push ups
squats, holding lunges, stretch.

Taste Test:

I ate half of this guy, just 'cause. Not a huge fan. Spicy + sweet = odd. A good amount of the candies in Mexico are sweet + spicy, but I never understood it. Must be the gringa in me. But hubby thinks the idea is awful as well, so, maybe it really is.

Pumpkin Pancakes:

these were insanely good!!
  • 3/4 cup dry (I mixed wheat germ, flaxseed, chia, whole wheat flour, oats)
  • 3/4 cup wet (rice milk)
  • 3/4 cup veg. puree (pumpkiiinnn!)
  • 1 splash of h2o, if necessary (was not necessary this time!)
  • cook, cook, cook, on med/mediumhigh heat, top with bluberries + almonds
Golden Beets!

I bought these so I could make a golden beet + carrot soup, but decided to use a few for today's pizza. Pizza: tomato mushroom pasta sauce, kale, golden beets, radishes, green bell pepper, pineapple. Delicious, and apparently distracting, since I forgot to snap a picture. :(

100% Whole Wheat Dark Rye Tortillas:

recipe from this lovely girl

My only problem: sticky mess. They stuck to the rolling pin like crazy, and I got really frustrated and started to spray everything with non-stick olive oil spray. I vow to never make tortillas again, even though these taste like heaven from the slightly sweetness of rice milk + the rich, delicious flavor of rye. Make them, but follow Rebekah's recipe exactly or you might be doomed like I was.


Their shapes were very photo-worthy this evening. This recipe truly never fails, thank to my Auntie!

On top of all that, I made: pinto bean oat patties, homemade granola and overnight oats for a week. I was unstoppable in that kitchen, and I loved it. :)

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  1. you have been unstoppable! everything looks and sounds delicious...but how on earth do you find the time for all this?! very jealous ;)