September 23, 2010

A Soup and Rain Type of Day

Sigh, it was jus' one of those days...

5 miles elliptical in 50 mins, push ups, stretch.

got excited about work, ready for another day of learning. but i have been showing up with a comfortable feeling, as if i already got this and shouldn't have too much trouble. even during pre-flu season with loads of patients and possibly stressful, packed schedules, i'm loving this job and have felt ready for those "crazy" moments of pediatric clinic chaos.

the chaos never really hit today, but i did mess up a few times and it felt lame. feeling a little sad once I took my lunch break. i'm expecting too much out of myself, i feel like i should already understand everything and do it all without error and when i am corrected or make a mistake i feel awful about it. and tomorrow will only mark my 2nd week at this place.

a friend from the daycare where i used to work told me i needed to give this job 3 months and that there's a reason that most businesses do a 90 day review - it's because it takes most people that long to learn and understand a new job, and maybe they'll even be at the point where slightly no errors are made when they work.

10 minutes afternoon abs, stretch,

after work, i wanted to cry, but gave it to Jesus and told Him everything, and got it all off my chest. i simply pray that His love and His light would shine through me to the patients and my co-workers. i couldn't do this without Him, it's a blessing to have such a firm Rock as my Guide and Comfort. God is wonderful. :)

off to sleep. maybe i was getting too confident or full of myself and just needed a humbling experience to make sure my heart and mind were focused on the Lord, and not everything but? i'm not sure.

future: a 3rd visit to olympia, to re-take my Spanish test. and sigh...

I will instruct you and teach you
in the way you should go;
I will counsel you and watch over you.
Psalm 32:8

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