September 24, 2010

The Ups and Downs of Eggplant

Overnight oats, stuffed eggplant, samosa wrap, kashi bar, kitty feeding, raw sunflower seeds, sauce-less eggplant lasagna.

fuel: half a banana, almonds, raisins

workouuuuut: 5 miles elliptical - 50:42
10 push ups before and after = joyous.


rolled oats, rice milk, chia seeds, flaxseed meal, wheat germ, half a banana, blueberries, aaand a relaxing trip in the fridge overnight topped with sliced almonds and raisins.

lunch n snacks:

stuffed eggplant (tofu, corn, kale, eggplant insides) baked for wayyy to long, causing it to all turn into mush... sad news.

samosa wrap (sweet potato, garbanzos, sweet and savory seasonings)

it loooked delicious:

but that overcooked eggplant was awful, but I ate most the filling, and then inhaled a veggie wrap from the fridge - t'was deliiciouus!!

starvation fixer upper:

didn't exactly satisfy but I liked a good chewy granola bar :)

a feeding:

wuv them orange fellas!

10 min abs: 30 reps of every ab move you can imagine with 10 second rests in between each set, followed by 60 seconds in plank. I'm loving these after-work mini workouts, especially 'cause I can keep my morning cardio up in the mileage without stressing out about time.

A new friend:

I've seen these all over the blog world and needed them! I'm excited, a wee tad.


I realize how unattractive this looks, but it tasted so goooood! It was the same filling that I put in the stuffed eggplant, but somehow tasted so much better with a little tomato and shoved between lasagna noodles.


I'm pretty confident in the fact that yogurt blended with frozen fruit and ice will never get old. Same goes for flaxseed, almonds, rolled oats and raisins as a topping.

PS: Work was awesome on Friday. Guess Thursday was just one of those days. I'm thankful the sad days faded. Happy weekend!

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  1. i am SO happy working is going well! i will keep praying you adjust quickly... they are so lucky to have you!

    another thing i am so grateful for about you? you totally ROCK a healthy appetite. i love that you aren't shy in the least about eating a normal amount of food. active girls eat a lot, and no shame there! keep preachin' healthy vibes, girlfriend!