October 30, 2010

A Beautiful 7 Miles in the Rain

Running in the rain is relaxing. Running in the rain is comforting.

Listening to worship music and singing to God in the rain, while running, is inspiring. Seeing my hubby run in the distance, at rapid speeds in the rain, the week before his first full marathon, is motivaing. A rainy lake was just the start of a lovely Saturday, and I was happy and ready for the rest of the day to fall into place.

Pre-Run Eats for me:

1 brown rice/quinoa cake + a half with almond butter, half a banana, raisins, cinnamon and raw sunflower seeds (with a few almonds and unpictured raisins!)

Pre-Run Eats for him:

Almond butter + strawberry jam (ingredients were goofy: strawberries, grape juice, and more berries) inside of half of a french bread loaf with a side of muesli/banana/rice milk inabowl. He loves this pre-run snack, and it's been doing his body good on long runs. We're thankful this combo works, he needed it!

Packed Snacks for Afterward:

Green (kale, beet greens, spinach, frozen fruit, rice milk, vanilla, dates, almonds, rolled oats, cocoa powder) monster in a tupper, muesli coconut almond raisin topping, Edu's almond butter sammie with fruit and banana oat cocoa cookies (if need be)

How'd it Go?

I ran knee-pain-free for 5 miles, then the right knee started to feel a little funny. My goal was seven miles, so I brought the pace down a tad and was able to finish in 1 hour 9 minutes and felt so content! I walked on my tippie toes for 1/4 miles for a stretch, then took part in a good, strong leg stretch, and walked my way to Starbucks (after grabbing our snacks) and ordered my usual: 2 venti ice waters and a spoon and took a lovely seat.

Hubby arrived about 20 minutes later and said he had a good run, pain-free, felt strong and is happy 'cause he feels ready for next week's New York Marathon! God willing :)

Next Stop: Sushi Land (in the comfort of our own home!)

Edu is hoping, as am I, that I can soon bring my sushi-making skills to perfection, and today was just another day of practicing in order to attempt this so-called "sushi" perfection! I'm nervous. But I'm excited. Let's see...

First, some Protein!
We snacked on boat loads of unsalted peanuts,

he watched a little futbol mexicano and I did some internet reading (and sushi researching!) as we cooked up some pinto beans with homemade salsa to fill our bellies up.

We needed something in the form of fiber, protien + calories to push us through an hour or two of some fun-bonding-time in the dining room with 9 IKEA put-together-yo'-self inserts for our fab (but busy and loaded) shelving unit. The beans did their job :) And we have ourselves a beautiful newly-vamped IKEA friend in our living room.

Theeen... the sushi prep:

brown rice cooked in your simple h2o, then seasoned with sesame oil, red pepper flakes + salt. Left (uncovered) for about an hour so it'd turn sticky, like your classic sushi riiice, and it cooled off to perfection.

I diced up bell pepper, cucumber, avocado and my hubby got some cooked crab and organic tamari soy sauce aaand we bought roasted sesame seeds for the true sushi effect.


And definitely tasted even better with fancy chopsticks in hand.

Success! But some miso soup was missing or something, 'cause our insides were almost growling for more about an hour or so after our plates were emptied.

A mashed banana, cocoa powder, rice milk, muesli + rolled oats were the perfect hit for the sweet tooth and the mini-hunger. T'was divine with frozen blueberries, reminded me of chocolate ice cream (with banana of course!)

Just saw Terminator 2 for the first time - Loved it! How had I never seen these classics? I finally know where the worn out lines: hasta la vista, baby + come with me if you want to live, came from! I feel wise.


Give thanks to the Lord for His unfailing love,
and His wonderful deeds for men, for He satisfies
the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.
Psalm 107:8-9


  1. Gorgeous sushi! They look so much better than many veggie offerings in sushi restaurants.

  2. I love running in the rain as well. It seems like I never get tired. I play my best soccer in cold rainy weather. It kind of pumps me up.Not to mention we rarely see rain in LA, so I like to enjoy it.
    Have a happy halloween love :)

  3. WOW i love yalls lives! So adorable!!!! You can tell that you have the joy of the Lord living inside of you girl! Altho that big green bowl looks kind of.. interesting.. im sure it tasted good! Thats how most of my food is!! My boyfriend is like "you are the WEIRDEST EATER EVER!" .. he should check out the blog world, huh? haha! love you girl and i love your encouragement!!