October 14, 2010

Divine Spaghetti

Workout: 4 miles elliptical - 52 mins
10 pushups + 10 insanity push ups
[10 minute abs in the PM]

my new favorite:

the perfect 8pm snack, for those that go to bed 'round 9:30 and have finally realized that they don't need giant yogurt smoothies in their bellies as they sleep - for those ought to be saved for the weekends!

pumpkin coconut oats:

love me some pumpkin microwaved with a banana + topped with frozen blueberries, raw sunflower seeds, shredded coconut, and some almond butter.

a meal for rockstars:

those carrot/beet/soup cookies have been a real hit with the taste buds, I tell you. and the beet/orange/peanut salad is the perfect way to enjoy some not-so-tasty-or-juicy oranges.

tempeh sammie:

an old favorite on homemade bread. with bell pepper, mustard, avocado + spinach. celery + carrots on the side, thankyouverymuch!

pasta love:

t'was just gonna be "chicken day" but I decided to add bell pepper, tomato, green onion, broccoli, and kale ripped into bite-sized pieces. seasoned with italian seasoning, red pepper flakes, and mixed in with whole wheat pasta.

I'm a bit in love with spaghetti. It's so simple, so satisfying and filling. And honestly? I lived my whole life believing that this pasta couldn't be enjoyed without Kraft's Parmesan... and little did I know how amazing some roasted veggies taste mixed into these delightful grains. It was a good day when I stopped buying that powdered cheese, a good day indeed.

oh, rice cakes!

tonight it was 2 with half a pear, frozen blueberries, raisins + cinnamon. i guess this my version of replacing cows-milk yogurt, since this girl be a bit too lazy to go out and buy some vegan yogurt these days.

Praise the LORD,
for His mercy endures forever.
2 chronicles 20:21


  1. I LOVE pasta!! Yours looks so good!! I dont make it enough, simply because I have no self control with the stuff lol I could eat it all day and not get sick of it!

  2. I actually have a ton of rice cakes in my pantry.. i love the idea of topping them with fruit!