October 29, 2010

Dressed as a Mariachi

Another really, really good day! Except on this very special "Halloween Potluck" day, I ate what felt nothing less than 15 servings of fruit, and I just couldn't stop! I can easily turn down a Halloween-colored cake, mini chocolate brownies with ghost sprinkles, and even some good ol' fried chicken. But apples, fruit salad, and a veggie tray? My down fall, my friends. My self control goes out the window, and my tummy pays for it later. Tisk, tisk, I say.

First: I ate half a banana, some almonds + raisins, and headed to the gym for...

INSANITY! It's been 15 days since I did this first 50 min workout, since I've been switching it up between elliptical, treadmill, and going through the other Insanity Cardio workouts. This time I was prepared, mentally and (hopefully) physically, for some Shaun T beat downs. Here is a good run-down of the drill, and it's just as intense as it reads, I promise you. You break a mad sweat during the warm up itself, and the stretching before/after are mini workouts as well. It's a really awesome DVD, I'm a fan!


I really wanted me some green monster smoothie blend this morn', but we were out of kale and spinach, surprisingly enough. So I opted for night-before oats mixed with berries and rice milk and chia seeds and everything you can imagine. This morning I topped it with pomegranate, coconut, and almond butter. It was heavenly. Then I prepped for costume day...

...after photo documenting the goods

homemade granol bar of joy and fruits,

almond butter cinnamon sammie with homemade cinnamon raisin bread, with colorful veggies + black black black grapes (their pop-in-your-mouth abilities are matchless)

Packed Cookies (Complete with sign:)

I get a tad excited when I havre the opportunity to share new healthy treats with people, "d I feel like homemade signs are the way to go to show extra-lovin' and joy.

Almost 3 years ago, my hubby (then boyfriend) took his second trip up to the US from Mexico and brought me an authentic Mexican sombrero (per my pleed + requesting) and today I couldn't pass up the chance to share/wear it!!

The look was made complete with a handmade poncho given to me last year in Mexico when I told my mami-in-law how beautiful it was and she told me I could take it home. It still smells like Mexico and I felt like I was in my favorite country of all time as I wore it all day.

I also brought my mini-twin along for the ride, given to me from a rad friend (with its own matching sombrero! so fabuloso!)

Work went slowly... and during the potluck I ate way too much fruit (yes, there is such thing as too much of a good thing sometimes!) including: many apple slices, fruit salad with strawberries and pomegranate, more fruit, some butternut squash soup, more apple slices, more fruit, more of my cookies...

work is fun! I love working at a desk and greeting all the parents and their kids with "buenos diiiaaas!" It was nice seeing so many smiles as they noticed all of our costumes! Dress Up Included: a nurse practicioner as a Q-Tip, a nurse as a hippie, scooby doo character, a milk shake, one of our lady docs was a karate kid, we had a bumble bee, and a queen :) So fun!

Then I figured my insides had enough fruit, and were in need of some good ol' fashion vegetables and spelt pasta!

Spaghetti squash: baked, then thrown in a dry, non-stick pan and seasoned with italian seasoning and some pieces of ripped up kale. On the side was some purple cauliflower (tastes exactly like regular cauli, but it's more fun to eat!) seasoned with a dash o' salt. And Spelt Pasta! Which is much softer than pasta made with wheat, and it's oh-so-good. Love me some fun grocery store finds!

Then hubby and I cleaned the apartment spick n span, made my green monster oat smoothie for tomorrow's Green Lake run, and watched the last bit of Biggest Loser. And this sleepy face passed out right after 10pm, and called it a day.

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