October 11, 2010

Eat, Paint, Love

I had a grand weekend. I got to paint a lot.

but the best part of the weekend? when it ended and I got to be with my hubby!

but first... I ellipticaled 5 miles in 48 mins and then ate a grand bowl of overnight oats...

stuffed squash, homemade granola bar, carrot beet oat cakes

sushi success! me like, a lot.

beans with mozz, homemade baked tortilla chips, not-so-dairy beans for meh.

yes. he brought me brown rice cakes + brown rice cakes with QUINOA! oh Mexico, if only you were closer. I would spend all my money on every item in your food markets.

unsweetened coconut! so much for buying that coconut on Saturday...

[aaaaand my lovies in Mexico got me a lovely
new Adidas running top, which I will happily
model for the blog world in the near future!]

...Off to be with the man I love :)

Happy Monday! God bless


  1. Man I wish I had some artistic ability. I help my mom in law at church do things for children and she always has me make bulletin boards. I am HORRIBLE at making them look good! I can never make them look very bright or creative haha. Owell, not my thing I guess. Glad your hubby is back safe and sound!