October 12, 2010

Fascinating Rice Cakes

workout: 4.5mi - 48:22 + 20 pushups
(afternoon) 10 min abs!

Oh, rice cakes. You used to be all people ate. Why? To lose weight of course. I mean, if it tastes like air, it has to be low in calories, and you're supposed to suffer when you're on a diet, riiiight? Wrong! But even though rice cakes used to be snacked on in between growling-tummy sessions, it was very much appropriate as tonight's dessert!!

oats with coconut flakes

phenominal, I'm serious.

packed lunch

beet carrot cookies, veggie patties, homemade crackers...

God's magic touch:


them home-made quinoa/bean patties may not look very tasty, but I promise you they so were. so so so were delicious.

Quinoa + Kale Joy:

I'm a fan of mixing peas + corn into my stir-fries!

riiiiceee cakez

with almond butter, cinnamon, raisins + frozen blueberries

t'was a good day, but I'm starting to miss yogurt a tad. I may be seeing a bit of soy yogurt in my future! 60 days dairy free? You're on!

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