October 10, 2010

Half Marathon: Mexico

Edu's half marathon went amazingly!

He broke his PR by 2 minutes!

Official Time: 01:23:49

He said he felt strong throughout the whole race, besides a wee bit of dehydration towards the end (a cup of water was handed to him but it fell out of the person's hand) and I'm so so so proud of him and happy he was able to run with his brother + eat a glorious steak post-race. Congrats my beautiful man! He's such a huge inspiration to me and it makes me want to tackle a half marathon real bad, dude. And now... I long for his return...

I guess I can only go so long before being without my hubby goes from "yahoo while he has a ball in Mexico I'm 'bout to attack the kitchen with loads of baking and cooking and experimenting, and I'm gonna paint non-stop through the late hours of the night" to... deep sadness and sorrow. I miss my husband hardcore and I need me some tomorrow night 'round 5:30 so bad.

last night's beautiful & fluffy loaves

don't let their sweet looks fool you, these cookies are savory and made with a carrot/beet puree with rolled oats. It was my fancy way of getting rid of some soup before it went bad ('cause let's be honest, it just wasn't tasty enough to be frozen for future consumption)

a kick of cinnamon + raisins seemed appropriate.

Morning Green Beauty:

purple kale

  • 2 handfuls spinach
  • 2 kale leaves
  • 1 cup rice milk
  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 4 frozen strawberries
  • wheat germ, chia seeds, flaxseeds...
  • huge grapes + a birdseed bar crumbled on top

such. a. delight.

at Cafe Flora
My vegetarian home away from home?

Mumsy and I split the oatmeal (by split I mean we each had a few bites and the rest was boxed 'cause this fella be huge)

house salad was insanely tasty. light on the balsamic vinaigrette and heavy on the sunflower seeds!

their carrot ginger soup was almost to die for and I ask myself, how come my carrot soup didn't taste anywhere near this lovely? what happened to my soup's flavor? I need to find new recipes, I tell you.

Afternoon Delights:

Who pre-slices the homemade loaves without a sample? A sample with almond butter, that is.

savory carrot beet oat cookie, slightly warmed in Mr. Microwave.

5 Minute Dinner:

2 zucchini pancakes (and yes, I did heat them up in the toaster. good ol' crunch!) over homecooked pinto beans, 1 whole tomato and some green onion.

and now I relax, paint, and daydream
about Edu being near once again (24 hours more!)

2009 was fun. beaches were our second home fo' sho!

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  1. I cannot believe how fast your hubby runs!!!! He finished his half marathon almost an HOUR faster than I finished mine! Amazing!