October 2, 2010

My First 10K in 2 Months

I had no idea how amazing this morning's run was going to be....

I packed us almond butter (and chia seed!) sammies, with some fruit.
Pre-Run: I ate 1 banana, some almonds, raisins, and 2 tsp wheat germ.

Hubby was going to tackle 28K (17+ miles) this mornin' and wanted to try something new: he ate muesli, rice milk, and a banana for bfast. And tried his first gel!

Run: 10.5K - 1:10:02 t'was insane! I started to jog, and told myself to move 'till the knee-pain started, then I'd finish the lap (3 miles) and do some side training (push ups, lunges, abs) to complete a good workout. But guess what happened? 25 minutes came along... and there was no knee pain!! I kept a slow n' steady pace, and though I'd just complete the lap, but no way did I stop there. I jogged another complete lap and still felt strong, so I may have sprinted a bit... but only for less than half a mile, don't worry. I couldn't stop smiling, it felt like the biggest blessing. And I wasn't expecting it, I mean.. this is the girl that has only been able to last 6-25 minutes slowly jogging for the past 2+ months!! And all of the sudden, I can tackle 6.5 miles and finish it off with a sprint?! Praise God! It's all I can say. And even if I try to re-play a pain-free run next week and it doesn't go as planned, I'm still gonna thank the Lord for this beautiful Saturday morning. It was pretty unforgettable! :)

Hubby: 28K - 1:58:00 or somewhere around there. And he said he felt great! The muesli was a big hit, as was the gel. He had half a mini-gatorade in the first 3rd of the run, then a full mini-one, then the gel mix with water towards the end. I was so happy to see him feeling so good after the run, he's been looking pretty tired recently post-run, and I don't want him to get hurt er nothin'. Next weekend: he's got a half marathon in Sonora, Mexico planned with his twin brother. In... you know... abnout 95+ degree heat. Insanity. Prayers are much appreciated!

Then, we ate:

tomato + serrano: salsa
bell pepper + cucumber: veggie rolls + sushi burrito

The Perfect Nutty Sweet n Sour:

Just do it. I don't measure the fellas, so you really just wing it. Only a drop or two of agave are needed, and a hint of salt goes a long way.

I ate beans.

(1) tempeh, cucumber, spinach, bell pepper, avocado on rice paper.

(2) tempeh, cucumber, bell pepper, spinach, rice and sweet n sour sauce.

sushi burrito: slight fail 'cause the paper ripped a tad, and the filling just tastes a lot better in mini-bite-sized sushi pieces.

"I'm an open blob of goodness"

Veggie rolls: Okay, the sweet n sour fella with rice was so much better, tastier, delicious than the other guy. I ended up adding rice, then opening it and eating the insides without the rice paper. It just needed the sauce, man! PS: the slightly burnt brussel leaves were extremely good, as were their actual insides.

Next: yogurt, for real.

yogurt blended with frozen berries, dates, ice...
topped with homemade granola, almonds, raisins

God bless :)


  1. CONGRATS on the great run!! Hopefully you dont feel any soreness today, or at least too much! Will def be praying for your crazy hubby as he races in the heat!! We just had a friend almost die of heat exhaustion, so be CAREFUL!!

  2. And to answer your question, Yes my Bob Dvds are from Bob Harper of the Biggest Loser :) He kicks booty!

  3. What a ballin run!! what a cute packed lunch too!!! Be careful in the heat- that makes me nervous! it has been hot here but JUST now getting cooler- thank God!! Love you girl! Hope yall had an awesome weekend!

  4. Congrats on the run!!! I'm so glad to hear you were free from knee pain!