October 5, 2010

My Friend, The Treadmill

5:15am: Me + the treadmill. It was all or nothing, and I was nervous. I kept the speed slow and steady, and decided to stop at any sign of knee pain. Around mile 2 I brought the speed from 5 to 5.3, and proceeded to go up about .3 every mile or so afterwards. Guess what ended up happening? 4.5 miles in a whole 52 minutes, that's what. And it felt unbelievably beautiful to be able to be able to "run" again. Let's be honest, it was but a jog. Anyhow, I loved it. Come on knees, let's act this nicely more often, shall we?

overnight milky rice oats.

couldn't eat that orange 'till about 8pm. Averie's no-bake bar was filling and delicious.

2 spinach patties made with pinto beans + garbanzos, with the works.

finger-licking good. chicken, italian seasoning, wheat berries, tomato, corn, and a little purple potato. insanely tasty, finished in 5 minutes or so.

Art Scene: Tonight at church I had about 5 mandarin oranges, some mo' carrots, celery, bell pepper, sugah snap peas, and 2 pieces of ginger-bread-loaf type of goodies. No regrets, no regrets.

aaaaaand sleep.


  1. Congrats on going pain free!! I cant get much higher than 6 before my knees start to ache, so I try to keep it below as well. SOmetimes I can do some intervals and my knees will hold, but most of the time I can't. Hope you continue to do well with your aches and pains!

  2. I'm so happy for you that you're back to pain-free running!! Congrats!