October 24, 2010

A Successful 7 Miles + Multitasking in the Kitchen

This post contains over 40 pictures... you have been warned.

Saturday, Saturday, you were truly a joy. I ate a rice cake with almond butter, cinnamon, wheat germ, banana and raisins.

we packed the goods: granola bar + fruit for hubby, green monster + toppings for me.

Workout: I had unsuccessfully "ran" last Thursday on the treadmill: lasted 10 minutes and sharp knee pain forced this girl named Nicole to push the stop button and hop onto the elliptical, whether she liked it or not. So why would I think I could last even 20 minutes running at our favorite lake in the wholewideworld? I had no idea...

I believe it was God's beauty that pushed me to run 7 miles that lovely Fall-colored morning.

Maybe it was the leaves that fell on my shoulders (twice) and the crows eating random objects in front of me (once, with 20 of their friends, t'was a bit frightening I must say) that inspired me to continue my jog, completely distracted from any so-called "knee injury"

No, I'm pretty sure it was the Creator's mighty works that caused this morning to be the best of mornings. I ran 7 miles for the first time, and I felt like a gem.

then I stretched, after walking (on the tippie toes) to my car for the phone/camera

how can you stretch for 60 seconds and ignore how pretty this is?

I underestimated the awesome-ness of an upside down photo..
and then I attempted to snap a quick shot of my incredibly fast husband



I later on received some odd looks as I munched on this guy in Starbucks post-run:

if they only knew of its delicious flavors and textures and nutrients... if they only knew.

we survived & we are glad.

then I made some 10 second veggie patties! and ate butternut squash for the fiiiirst time. It was all pretty memorable and tasty and filling and fresh and nicely seasoned.

veg patties: handful spinach, handful carrots (diced), half cup rolled oats, one cup homecooked pinto beans, green onion (diced) aaand a splash o' water (from the beans, actually) baked in oven (aside the butternut squash seasoned with cumin, paprika, and cinnamon) at 375* for a good 10 minutes or so (flipped once) with avocado, tomato, baked potato and moooore green onion!

cinnamon raisin bread so went down this evening.

as did kiwi with rice milk, frozen blueberries, rolled oats and cinnamon.


then doodling happened

as did painting.

Saturday was mighty good. And Sunday? Oh shoot!

packed banana + bars for post-wedding starvation

green monster power in a blender happened shortly after packing snacks

handful kale leaves, beet leaves, spinach, blend with rice milk then add banana, frozen berries of choice, flaxseed, chia seeds, 2 dates, vanilla, unsweetened cocoa powder.

black grapes + coconut + wheat germ, what else?

then my cousin got himself married, and it was heart warming :)

Congratulations, beautiful cousins o' mine!

I love weddings. They're bound to have loads of fruit to serve. And chicken :)

then we saw more Fall!

and headed to the happiest place on earth (besides Mexico)


then we spent our moneys wisely, and bought a good handful of home necessities (light, bamboo, vase, shelving something or other, a toiletry here or there, bulletin board fo' kitchen!)

"take mai picture dooo ittt I'm in ikea!!!"

saying goodbye is hard sometimes...

then I got my multi-tasking wayyy on! I present you with:

How to Multi-Task While You're Tummy is Growling & What To Do While the Pizza is Cooking

  1. Turn oven on!
  2. Water into measuring cup - microwave 30 seconds
  3. Throw tsp yeast into kitchen aid mixer
  4. Add dash o' salt
  5. Add water + olive oil
  6. Add flour
  7. Mix
  8. Take out all pizza topping
  9. Take out cutting board
  10. Add more flour to kitchen aid
  11. Mix
  12. Start rinsing pizza veggies
  13. Pull out large cutting board to roll out pizza
  14. Add dash o' flour
  15. Remove tough from kitchen aid
  16. Throw onto floured cutting board, let sit
  17. Throw dishes in sink, add water
  18. Dice up veggies, place in bowls
  19. Roll out pizza dough
  20. Spray pan
  21. Transfer dough
  22. Add toppings
  23. Throw in oven turn on timer
  24. Add more dishes to sink
  25. Wash dishes
  26. Pull out grains you plan on using during the week
  27. Cook them
  28. Burn quinoa accidentally (don't do this)
  29. Dice and wash and dice more veggies for the week
  30. Eat pizza
it's a simple process, really.

bok choy, zucchini, beets, pineapple, serrano chili, bell pepper, tempeh

then I tackled a pomegranate!


It's late. I should be sleeping. This is what I get for not blogging on Saturday, darn you Terminator! I just got so wrapped up in that classic, I guess I lost track of time.

night :)


  1. Woah I LOVE how awesome that smoothie in a bowl looks with the toppings!! My favorite of the 40+ pics ;)

  2. Gorgeous fall pictures! And I love the things to do while pizza is cooking ;) Great ideas! It would probably make the time go by faster, as I normally can't WAIT to eat whatever I have in the oven!