November 22, 2010

Feels Like 13

13 degrees, that is.

for reals?!

steel cut.


veg + black grapes.

gigantic tempeh avocado bell pepper sandwich + friends.

and then noon rolled around...

Look what God made! I was in awe, speechless. I loved how they look exactly like the snowflakes we all doodle on our homework in the winter time. How is it possible that each one is different? We have such a wonderful Creator! Praise Jesus for His beauty!

RIP: mini-snowman
11/22/2010 - 11/22/2010
from 1pm to 1:12pm, you will be missed.

wheat berries, kale chips, home-cooked black beans, butternut squash fries

dark patio = patio of love, ice, and snow.



  1. LOVE the new header :) I cant believe how GORGEOUS those snow flakes are!! I have never been in the snow (when its falling) but I can only imagine how beautiful it is. I mean how much closer to God can you get than actually SEEING His beauty fall from the skies??

  2. Wow adorable header!! Also, I'm totally jealous of your snow!