November 13, 2010

My Husband: The Marathoner

As promised...

10pm SEATAC airport

walking to the marathon expo!

bib number!

meeting RYAN HALL! It was amazing. This man loves Jesus and runs 100% for Him, and it shows! Such an inspiration.

pasta night. Edu + Carlos

relaxing, planning..

waiting for the metro!

Eduardo calls this picture "Someday..." haha


My favorite land.

Walking around central park the day before the marathon was so exciting, there were cameras set up everywhere, runners everywhere you looked, and spots for the new crew to sit! This is real...

Lots of "where are we exactly?" happened, and was quickly solved with the handy dandy map we picked up at our hotel. It was a life saver!

you know, the most amazing meal ever.

Salvador Dali gallery inside of the mall! He's my favorite!

4:30am marathon morning, dropping off hubby at the buses that take the runners to the start line in Staten Island (about a 45 minute ride from where we were)


A beautiful (but freezing!) marathon morning.

We waited for Edu here, and prepared ourselves to cheer on the elite runners.

Elite women!

Elite men! Seeing these guys was just like seeing celebrities, I freaked!

Love me a good race photo :) (he has no idea which mile this actually was)

you did it! Praise Jesus! (I edited the photo so it'd show his actual chip time, so exciting!)

I love this man more than words can express.

My sister's in-laws lived a few hours away and came to cheer Edu on, they're amazing!!!

Brotherly love!


Airport on the way home...

Food for the kings (and the girl)

Eduardo is so unbelievably happy that God gave him the strength to run this marathon and feel good throughout each mile. His goal was to break 3 hours, but he is so glad with his time (3:05:51) and he has no complaints. He said he felt amazing all the way through: no cramps, no wall at mile 20, no stomach issues. He is thankful for a good breakfast: muesli, rice milk, almonds, raisins + a white bread sandwich with jam and almond butter, and good race fuel: gatorade and powerade gel throughout the run. They gave him the boost he needed to finish the marathon strong, and he hasn't mentioned any changes he'd make for next time (yes, there definitely will be a next time!). It was an unforgettable experience, and we're excited for future races like this guy!

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  1. Oh my gosh, he ran the NY marathon?? How amazing! Congratulations to him..and that's a *really* incredible time, too! He must have been flying!