November 20, 2010

You Know It's Winter When... skip the outdoor run for the elliptical/treadmill at the gym, 'cause the weather outside is frightful start shaking in your pants as you quickly consume whole grains, healthy fats, natural sweets and fruit

...hubby stays a little longer at the gym to conquer the exercise ball, and wifey tackles her first 6.4miles on elliptical-man for a full hour, mainly 'cause we love ourselves a heated room turn 3 burners on for breakfast (tofu, egg, tortillas), in the hopes that the kitchen temp will jump a few notches enjoy a cookie, heated up in the microwavers

...the snowman jackets get pulled out of the closet after 10 months

...your idea of a mid-day snack is leftover warmed up squash + peanuts, instead of cold fruit + nut buttah.. leave the oven open a tad after pulling out half/half pizza (vegan veggie loaded, and cheesy turkey party) and tell yourself that the oven's heat will reach you in the other room place extra extra red pepper flakes, to heat up your esophagus just as nicely as your triple-sock-covered toes are stand in the kitchen for the next 2 hours (after a successful movie night of watching Fireproof) and make loads of lovely eats, maybe your leg muscles will feel a mini-workout and your blood will get flowing and you'll feel snug? let the steel cut oats simmer a little longer as their steam hits ya in the face a bit, 'causing more warmth. slightly burn the granola, so it's extra crisp and perfect for hand warming, like a toasty fire..

and then, you finish the night off, washing your hands every 10 seconds, as you try to dominate a pomegranate, and its juices dominate the kitchen counter (and the flour, may I add)

It's obvious now: it's Winter here in Western Washington. But let's be honest, there needs to be snow if you really want to prove that Christmas time is coming around the corner. So, weather, bring it on my love!

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