December 4, 2010

Acorn Squash Pancakes

I promise I have a good excuse for posting Saturday and Sunday on the same night: I made Christmas! and then we watched movies! and then I fell asleep early! and then I cooked all day! and then we went on a last-minute drive to buy a special Christmas gift! so... without further adieu...

Saturday. and acorn squash pancakes

brown rice cake, let's hang out more often before workouts, shall we?

t'was after a 2 minute cool-down. so real stats were: 6.3 mi - 1:00:00
and it was sort of beastly hard, 'cause hubby was beside me and told me to try n' push it with all my might for the last 10 minutes (I usually try for the last 5) and I couldn't let my man (or myself!) down, so I pushed and pushed and my muscles yelled a bit but: I felt super.

then pancake ideas fell from the sky!

"Oh hey acorn squash that I baked on Friday, how do you doo?"
+ 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 mashed banana, spoonfuls of wheat germ, flaxseed, chia seeds, nut butter, a few splashes of rice milk + a drop or 4 of vanilla + cinnamon/nutmeg/ginger bits!

oh glorious.

oh mighty-oh.

from left: perfect, burnt, mushy and squishy, and decent.

oh lovely beans! They were the best pancakes I have ever made, and the "I need sugah and salt on my foods" husband loved them loads! By that, I mean, I gave him the last bite with a banana piece on it and he said "mmmmm!" in a very, very, good way.

then tree!

yeah, the hat lasted about 2 hours before Edu asked me to remove it and decided we needed a Christmas tree star, and soon!

Our one and only Christmas ornament, from our very near and dear friend who loves Mexico + Christmas jus' as much as we do!

from my gma :) handmade from a little villiage in a far off hispanic land (Ecuador? maybe...)

gift. gift. gift. Mexican theme, live strong! & hope figurines: from daycare job :)

I has idea! I finally found a good place for these goofy-looking icicle lights, and I love how much they light up our living room! It truly feels like Christmas time now, thank you brain for helping me think of this.

another gift from daycare land, that also only lasted a few hours before it was taken down 'cause it's silly looking.

then steak + beans + greens!

homemade salsas + chunky guacamole!

mine! golden brussels in olive oil in a pan, and amazing spicy flaxseed parsnip + sweet potato fries, with pinto beans/tomatoes/corn/fresh cilantro/lime juice tacos!

big ol' thanks to the girl who introduced me to the world that is blogging: TINA!

crispy bits of goodness

spicy little cilantro bean tacos!

and dessert, but I ate it way too late (er... just 9:30pm... but fell asleep while watching movie 'round 10:15pm.. so smoothie lived in belly alll nighttt)

blend it! frozen strawberries, half banana, blueberries, cranberries, rice milk, vanilla droplets, aaaand... I believe that's it. topped with: flaxseed, rolled oats, muesli, pumpkin seeds!

and then, like mentioned, I fell asleep early (booo!) like a zombie, and set my Sunday morning alarm for 7:15am since I'm not a fan of 10+ hours of sleep 'cause it makes me feel like a weak alien all day and I get too-much-sleep-headaches.

Happy 2 Posts in One Night Day!

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