December 18, 2010

Babies + Bean Tacos

I love children. I love babysitting. I love babies. I love the idea of having millions of them. I love meeting my friend's babies for the first time after they've been around for over 4 months. I want to make bebes! This was a good Saturday, 'cause I got my baby fix and ate my body weight in pinto beans. What else could a girl ask for?

Pre-Workout Snack:

we ate bananas + the good stuff.

Cardio Overdose:

stats after cool down, real business was: 6 miles elliptical - 58:06
+ 20 minutes arm weights/leg weights

Green Fuel:

kale, spinach, frozen strawberries, 2 dates, cocoa powder *unsweetened, vanilla, 1/3 cup rolled oats: blend that baby.

with black grapes, homemade granola + roasted sunflower seeds

Then I drove a few minutes North to see one of my all time favorite people in the world and her bundle of joy, Jocelyn. Four months old, and I fell in love with this girl! I worked with Lluvia (her mami) at a Christian daycare in the toddler class for what felt like 20 years but was really about a year or more, and we became pretty stinkin' rad friends, so I was so excited to finally meet her baby!

we are boxed cheddar/broccoli fettucine, and I grinned.

then I had a 3 hour long photo shoot with my new favorite baby.

A bit later... hubby and I ate like crazy folk.

2 spinach salads (with pear, almonds, raisins, red wine vinegar + olive oil)

guacamole, salsa, corn/tomato mix for my bean tacoooos

homecooked pinto bean goodness, with corn tortillas.

4 tacos fell from heaven onto my plate this evening, and I received them happily.

After dinner we decided to hit up our closest outlet mall, and after spending just enough of a gift card my hubby got from his boss for Christmas, we decided to try n' use the rest of it on this guy from Starbucks:

It's so tempting to try and make this from scratch at home and see what happens!

Bam, Dessert:

frozen blueberries + rice milk = frozen rice milk in 4 seconds.

rolled oats, cinnamon, unsweetened cocoa powder.

half a deliiiicious pear

a messy, unattractive mixture.

a topping of muesli + the idea of eating half the raw bar...
...but we decided to save it for tomorrow, wahoo!

Now time for sleeping, and waiting for Sunday, Sundaaaay.

Rejoice in hope,
be patient in tribulation,
be constant in prayer.

Romans 12:22


  1. Hahaha I totally thought you topped your green monster with olives... I was like hmm, that's a unique combo...

    Great verse :) I love me some Romans!

  2. I NEED to get a green monster soon! And, in order to do that, I NEED a new blender. Maybe Santa will be nice to me...

    When I was little, I wanted 100 kids. Then I down-scaled to 20. Now, I'm good with four or five. But I still LOVE kids!

  3. I feel you, girl!
    I simply LOVE LOVE LOVE babies!
    I babysitted for a while and having two little brothers - I mean, a 5-year-old girl and a 3-month-old boy - is dreamy! I love my babies :D

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